What would take to get your gems

So I was wonder what would make you want to spend gems. Other than clothes because wasting gems for clothing honestly, I don’t like it

I think most of my gems have been spent on “gaining information” choices.
Like in Confessions of a Teenage Detective. I used a lot of gems there. And I think I’ve spent a few in Love and War, because Max Stone is shady af and I want to know what his deal is.


Haha the last part and do u like spending it lol

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No, I hate spending them. But sometimes I just think “I may as well spend them now” because what if one day I stop episode and I have all these spare gems lying around?

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To take my gems, it has to make me feel satisfied.


For example in The Last Goodbye, there was a choice to expose to the principal or expose to everyone in the school and I hated the character, so I definitely felt satisfied exposing to the whole school.


Kool :grin:

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I will never spend gems on the following:

  • Clothing choices. Especially if it’s presented like the clothing is a gift, and it doesn’t make any sense in-story for my character to even consider refusing the gift.

  • Implications that this is the only “correct” path. Give me several options, but make each one worth while. If I end up clicking a non-gem option and am actually interested and invested in the scene I get, it will give me more incentive to go back and replay just to try out the gem options.

If you want to entice me, actually entice me! Give me several options to pick from, and treat gem choices more like seasoning & flavoring rather than essential to the plot.

I hate spending gems, so I’m very frugal about what I want to use them on. I rarely feel like it was worthwhile.


Additional scenes. And not just a few extra lines of dialogue.
I am so tried of the “Stand up for yourself” 50 gems, “Be a wimp and do nothing” free, choices.

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