What would u do if?

I don’t know why i am doing this since i just got an idea of doing a game like this I just thought of posting it in forums🤪
but if this flops just think this topic never existed🤫

hope this isn’t a flop :pleading_face:

So the game would be like :yum:

The 1st person would give u a situation and the 2nd person would tell what she would do if she is in that position :woozy_face:

I guess that is easy to understand

So let me start😎

What would u do if u suddenly remember that u have a date in the next 10 minutes with ur crush?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Hope u understood what I meant)

don’t know if someone else has created a topic like this before but if yes then tell me I would live to credit her😀


What I would do: I would freak out, throw on some clothes, and then race to the date
Situation: What would you do if you remembered you had an important school/job interview in 5 minutes?


:crystal_ball: Die


um that’s dark


What would I do - would go there as fast as possible n would ask forgiveness (better later than never)
What would u do if
U buy everything u need for a monthly expense and u became shortage of money (n probably the things u bought r really important u can’t leave anything)

What I would do: I would see everything so I have money.
What would you do: You are about to be evicted, but the land lord says he will let you stay if you marry him

Move with my parents (probably)
What would u do if u
suddenly scratch ur newly painted nail paint that cause u ur one month’s salary

I would: be mad that I got my nails done
What would you do: you woke up and all your hair was gone

Would go to mountains till my hair grow up😆
When accidentally u wore two different shoes in a meeting

I would: not bring it up and if it comes off I would laugh it off
What would you do: If you were told you could not live in any countries except for Antartica (which is a continent)

Start packing all of my warm clothes

If u met the cutest guy ever but the problem is u r married😑

I would: suck it up and deal with it, the guys prob shallow
What would you do: if you woke up and discovered you were stuck in your ten year old selfs body

I would pinch myself to see if this is real
U got what u wanted u have waited for 10 but to find out that thing was actually useless :face_with_hand_over_mouth::relaxed::tired_face:

I would. be mad and return it

what would you do if you got a super expensive heirloom but it’s illegal to sell or break it?

i’d keep it bc it could be kinda cool

what would you do if suddenly you could only tell the truth for 24 hours but you had a big interview that day?


I have 3 options depending on the situation.:joy:

  1. I don’t see a problem with going to the interview. I never lied about my resume. :joy:
    ‘Yeah, I need money, I’m broke, but qualified to do the job.’

  2. Tell them about the fact that I’m only speaking the truth (if they’d believe it of course! ), allowing them to ask if I’m actually qualified, criminal history, etc.
    I’m boring so yeah, I have nothing to hide.

  3. I would switch my thoughts and words to another language! Telling the truth in a language people don’t understand/speak! For the bilingual/trilingual people out there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray::smiley::slightly_smiling_face:

As long as ‘telling the truth’ doesn’t mean ‘blurting out your inner thoughts’! :wink::yum:
That would be hella funny though! :joy:

‘Oh, nice office! Or… This office needs to be cleaned. Crap, I had to wear another jacket, this one is too colorful. What am I going to eat later? I’m definitely texting my BFF telling her if I got the job. Ooh, the car that just drove by is so cool, I want one when I have the money for it. Ah, it’s raining. I’m hungry. I’m kind of nervous even though I have mesmerized all the slogans, and the founders of this place and I have all my answers for this job interview prepared for almost 1 week prior.’

What would you do if a genie grants you 3 wishes? (No unlimited/more wishes)

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