What would u do?

Nah I’d just go to sleep or something :v:t4:


I guess u are already planned the attack :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


Me too girl me too :joy::joy:

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Hoping is not that bad :neutral_face:


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If they are horror u nd I are on the same page :smiley:

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  1. I don’t have a basement so that will never happen and if I did, whatever is down there is staying down there period.

  2. I never would walk in an isolated dark cold alley. That screams DANGER but if I did I’ll give him or her whatever they want and hopefully they’ll leave me alive lol.


no!:sob: i sound crazy, but i’m fr. at least i will be safe :japanese_ogre:

  1. I am too curious. So, I am sure that I would check it out. Because I want to know where are the sounds coming from.

  2. Two options.

A. Well, if they shoot me, it will be my escape because I just can’t deal with my sh*ts anymore.

B. Other than this fact I would use the dark as my chance to escape and live my life. Also will call to police.


If I had those tactics I would definitely use ur plan

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yupp, that’s how you defend💅🏻

  1. I would mind my business. Probably stay on the phone with someone until someone else comes home.
  2. I would probably never be in that situation lol but I’d start praying lmao
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I will just go take a knife from my kitchen and sneak into the basement without any noise.

Well he/she should be ready to get themselves severely injured or also dead because I ain’t leaving them like that hahaha. (I am short tempered so chances are they might die)

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  1. I live in the apartment, so doesn’t really work.
  2. I don’t go out much, but If I’ll have the chance I’ll pepper spray them :joy: Yes, I have a pepper spray, don’t ask why. Just don’t.
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I won’t :grimacing::sweat: :joy::joy:

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  1. I’d probably check it out, but bring something for self-defense.

  2. I would be like “Heyy shawty, what’s up??” :rofl:
    (In all seriousness, I could ask why they are pointing the gun to my head.)