What would you be more intrested in?

Hi, I’m thinking of making a story, and I was wondering what you’d be more likely to read.

  1. A mysterious virus is killing more than half of the US’s teens, and the one’s who survive are emerging with strange powers. The government has decided that these children are a threat and they are being hunted down. Can you survive? (Based on Alexandra Braken’s book + movie The Darkest Minds)

  2. Welcome to the Everheart University for Magically Gifted Teens! In this story you’ll learn to harness your magical skills! Can you emerge on top, or will you be expelled? It’s all up to you!

Both stories will probably be published and will include a POC main character, and she or they will be able to pick their sexuality

  • #1, sounds awesome!
  • #2, sounds amazing!

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Honestly… I would read both.


Same, both sound really interesting, but I think I prefer #1 if I had to choose.

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