What would you choose?


Hey! Just a random start. Would you rather peace, money, a happy family or love?


happy family! and then I would sell them and get the money, haha just kidding,


World Peace :sparkling_heart:

What about Love? :wink:


Depends. How much money?

A lot of these go hand in hand with each other.

If I’m feeling chaotic in my life, money can often fix some things if spent on the correct things.

It’d probably be peace, though. I silently pray for peace a lot because my mind is very chaotic.


Lol! I hope your family will be happy then!


Hmmm… good point! I’ll add it.


Haha! Why don’t you take a break? Maybe your mind will find peace then!


Yeah, I hope so too


There’s money AND happy family altogether.

I aM cOnFuSiOn :dizzy_face:


Money is like the only thing my family complains about so if I have da money, I get a happy family and also a lot of destruction is based on money …

Erm NOPE? Just me thinking of this? Oh-okay ._.


It’s fine.
A lot of people would be indecisive about this choice. Because who doesn’t want money? But then again, a happy family is pretty nice too.


I hope that you’ll at least have a happy family, then you can all worry about money in harmony.
Okay, that doesn’t even make sense to me.


Peace 100%…


That’s okay

(I still spammed ya with love :3)


Happy family …I am very attached to my family😇


World peace! :grin:


Me too


Shalom <3


Just wanna say that you’re like one of my favorite people in this forum


Toda! (is that correct? I used to know some of this stuff, and I totally forgot like a noob)