What would you choose?,

I’m working on my story but what would you like to see? A happy ending where the MC ends up with the main LI? Because I find that kind of boring because it is in a lot of stories. Would you read a story where the MC would not end up with the LI even if you knew it or not?


Romance is generally a sub-plot in movies and such and sometimes in those the romances don’t go anywhere, so I don’t see why not! I know I’d still read a story where the MC doesn’t end up with someone or with someone unexpected! :slight_smile:


i think that ending based on a point system would be good


How do you do point system until the end of the story? Like how does it remember

Ty for your help!!

Jorimar (I think that’s how it’s spelled…?) doesn’t use happy endings in romance stories. At least, they don’t end up with the main LI.

To remember a choice you can either use the if/elif/else method or gains. @Dara.Amarie has guides to both that I’ve found incredibly helpful, you should check them out!

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Thank you!

It’s your story. You need to choose for yourself, or make multiple endings.

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Hmm, for Episode specifically, I would prefer either a choice to end up with the LI, or a point system that leads to the ending, or just ending up with the LI. I think maybe because I’m a lot more open to couples not ending up together in films but Episode is more fun escapism for me. Being coupled up is definitely not > single of course, but because of what Episode is for me, I’d rather have the couple work through their issues (or whatever the story is about) and end up together in a healthy relationship. Preferably without that whole married with kids extended bonus story (it’s too overdone).

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Happy ending with the LI is my ideal story. If I know they dont end up together ahead of time, I personally will choose not to read because it just makes me too sad. Haha.

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Even a plot twist in which the LI changes to another guy/girl is interesting too!

Personally, I would like a story based on points which then leads into either of the 2 endings (MC and LI end up together & MC and LI don’t end up together).

honestly if I go for romance I want happy ending. :smiley:

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