What Would You Choose? 🤔

As I’m working on my story, I was thinking should I put a “I want to play as…” option or an MC gender option with gender-bend casts option…
(Click here if you don’t know about my story!)

"I want to play as..." option.

The reader can choose which character would they want to play as (Hermione, Kiara or her love interests.), they can read their POV in the story!

MC gender option + genderbend cast

The readers can choose to play as Hermione or Hector (male version of Hermione.), most of the cast would have gender changes while some don’t.

  • “I want to play as…” option
  • Male MC + Genderbend cast
  • I’d like to suggest an option… (Comment down below!)

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Feel free to ask me questions! And I’m open to suggestions and opinions, so comment down below! :blush:

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Wow, 80% votes are on “I want to play as…” option and 20% of it is on the Male MC and gender-bend cast option :thinking: lowkey roots for both but I don’t know how to code that well

I think both are great, but I’m leaning towards the “I want to play as…” option as I haven’t seen anyone do that.

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maybe I should try to be the first :eyes:

Do you have a release date? I’d like to read it when it comes out.

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I would publish it next year because of finals (or maybe just publish the first three episodes this year, and publish the rest next year), I’ll tag you once it’s out if you want! :cowboy_hat_face:

yes, please!

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  • 77% vote for “I want to play as…” option! :cowboy_hat_face:
  • 29% vote for Male MC and gender-bend cast! :eyes:
  • No suggestions yet!

A lot of people chose the “I want to play as…” option! :eyes:

80% for “I want to play as…” option and 25% for gender-bend option!

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