What would you do about your Episode Persona

What would you do if you became famous one day, and your fans found out your IG for Episode or forum account? Or would you hide it before anyone can find it? :smile:

I mean writing on Episode is okay but it might be stressful if you become famous through something other than writing. Although I would fan girl so hard if something like this happened. :eyes:


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Thanks Sydney!

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Very interesting question :thinking:

I’d probably not talk about it and maybe hide it if people did try searching for it or something like that lol :laughing:

It’s not that I’m ashamed of Episode (I mean, yes they do they have some stories that are not appropriate and they have ones that break guidelines) but I just don’t want others to know for a reason I can’t explain : /

I most likely won’t be famous though, it’s just too much cameras flashing in one’s face and it would just cause severe stress for me, as I dislike being in the spotlight :rofl:

However, all of the stories I write on Episode aren’t that special to me-I mean I still love them, but they are not “super close” to my heart (I’m actually saving the ones that are dear to me for the future)

I wish to publish them one day :heart_eyes:

P.S, to me, it’s a bigger honor writing a script for a tv/show than it is acting in one

What if they found out and I couldn’t stop it?

Well, if it’s in the open, all I can do is hope a major solar flare comes and wipes out the internet…JOKING, I AM NOT THAT EVIL IN THINKING…I’d just shrug, laugh it off, and tell people “I’m sure there are so many celebs who secretly play Episode & Episode is probably the most preferred app in Hollywood”

And if they ask for facts, I’d say “Check out The App Store”

Thanks for reading my weird thoughts!

Lol ^^


I didnt even think this :rofl: damn we’ll be screwed :joy:

you never know :woman_shrugging:


Luckily I don’t have Instagram and I feel like it would be harder to find me on forums. But… Amberose was always going to be my stage name for anything if I ever got famous, so I might have to reconsider thar to make it harder for fans to find all my comments on forums (there’s a lot! Why do I comment so much? :confused: )


You might have to change your name :rofl:

Also, do you really want to hide your Episode persona if so, why do you want to hide your Episode persona :eyes:

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Unfortunately, yes, I would want to hide it. Episode just has such a negative connotation because of their “sexy ads” and I can’t really defend them after certain featured stories… Oh but wait if I got famous, I would probably get more reads! Oh but also I’d be famous, so who cares, I’d get rich anyway


I feel bad for people who reveal their real names. They’re associated with Episode and there’s no turning back :grimacing:



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El, you just opened my eyes: so that’s why I don’t use my real name on Episode :joy: I wouldn’t want people to find me on Episode once I become famous, which obviously will happen very soon :smiley:


Glad I could help :rofl:


This is why I’m sticking to Cinnamon Toast :sweat_smile:
I mean, you know I’m not actual toast in real life-

No kidding, I’ll be toast if I don’t finish my homework though :rofl:


You are not?! I thought your profile picture was your graduation photo!


Actually, it’s me in my lawyer’s costume- me mallet, me wig, and me 18th-century scarf thing, and of course- a good sprinkling of powder on my toasty body.
The end sounded really weird, I didn’t mean for it to come out this way.


I really love it, I didn’t notice the sprinkling of powder first but it’s so cool that now I’m eager to know how you could exceed this as a celebrity on the red carpet.

I don’t think there was anything weird with your last sentence, but I have to add that this is coming from a weird person :smiley:


I’m actually Daniel Radcliffe so …


OMG! An autograph please!!


I mean, I’d explain everything I guess. And then use a Harry Potter spell :joy:


Tbh my fans would probably be like which name is real? Why does [insert famous stage name here] have so many fake names?