What would you do? Advice please

I haven’t published first 4 chapters of my story yet, I feel like something is off and I want to rewrite some things before publishing. But I’ve got some kind of an author’s block, I don’t know what I want to change and all I think about is another story I wanted to write too. Does that happen to you? And what do you think I should do, finish my first story despite anything, or start writing the second one with the hope that I’ll return to the first one some day?

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What does this “hide button” do, why would you tap it?

And well, actually I did publish it, but I’ve put a lock so only those who know the password could read it:)

If you haven’t published, I’d say start writing the story you’ve been thinking about. Follow your creativity. You eventually might come back to the first story with more ideas, or you might take off with your second story and end up publishing that one first



A similar thing happened to me, where I had a few ideas apart from my original one. I ended up going with the one that called to me most! It’s much easier to write when you’re fully interested in the story you’re crafting.

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I’m writing my first story on episode, and I keep getting more ideas for the plot, so I’m afraid that I’ll end up having 100 chapters before I’m done… At the same time, a lot of ideas for other stories pop up in my head, so YES I absolutely know the feeling.

For your writers block, maybe you could ask another author’s feedback on your story, and maybe they have some ideas :heart:
Anyway, enjoy your writing :smiley: