What would you do? (Based on true stories and things I have seen happen in person)

What would you do if your friend was raped, kept the baby, and loved the baby?

The baby was even therapeutic for her,

But, one day she told someone what happened, a close friend and that friend told her “Thank the rapist.” and then told her that it was crazy that she loved her baby. The baby wasn’t only therapeutic, but she was kidnapped and locked in a basement and the guy let her loose from chains he put her in because he loved the baby too and didn’t want the baby to see her mom like that growing up, shielding it.

The baby came and told her that her daddy left the door open, and your friend was able to escape with the girl and herself, along with another kidnapped victim.

What would you do?

This is actually true, but different stories used to make one story.

A woman on YouTube told people that she had a baby and that she loved her girl but someone told her to thank the rapist, another told her that it was crazy to love a child like that, the one that you conceived from rape.

There was a kidnapped woman whose child saved her life, the passage about a girl getting kidnapped and put in the basement and the guy loving the kid and the kid saving her and him letting her loose from her chains because of her girl is true. I think the other victim was real, too. I vaguely remember her. I think she may have been on the show, too and her sister.

The therapeutic baby part is also true of another rape victim.

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Wow, I would’ve been happy that my friends happy but to tell someone to thank their rapist is beyond wrong to me. Also theirs nothing wrong with loving a baby conceived from rape. A baby is a baby.


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