What would you do? [GAME] 🤪

kill my self.
Wwyd if emojis were gone?

Use emoticons instead :wink:
Wwyd if you had no thumbs?

I would become a dog instead
What would you do if the sun never rose?

Sleep and never go to school :joy::joy:
Wwyd if you woke up in the body of a pig?

I would continue to eat bacon.
Wwyd if you didn’t have fingers?

I would use my feet
Wwyd if you were forced to marry someone you didn’t like?

divorce that b*tch like that.
Wwyd if you were 2 feet tall

Be happy and sad
Wwyd if you got slapped by your worst enemy?

let’s just say she wouldn’t see the light of day
wwyd if something killed your rat?

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I would kill them
Wwyd if someone stole your phone?

my parents would beat me
wwyd if you lost all your teeth?

Cry until the end of time
Wwyd if you were homeless?

I would try to survive.

WWYD if you could turn back time?

I go back to the cavemen times to see dinosaurs :grin::grin:
Wwyd if you were Adultnapped (opposite of kidnapped)?

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I would try to stay as calm as possible.

WWYD if you could change one thing in your life?

Put infinite amounts of money in my bank account and be rich forever!

WWYD if you got pregnant out of nowhere?

WWYD If you had a forbidden love affair and you got caught!!! :sob::sob::sob:

Hmm… I would shrug it off? Lol.

WWYD if you found out that you have been teleported to a cliche Episode high school story?


Pull some pranks(don’t ask)
Wwyd if you were found dead in your parents house?

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Um, how would you know that you were found dead like you can’t even see yourself when you’re dead so how would you even know? Like do you mean if someone else found you dead orrr? :face_with_monocle: