What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?


I guess I would try to find a shelter and shit ton of cans and water to survive, gotta protect myself :crazy_face:

i may or may not need a carl grimes


Probably just die… I always say apocalypses are cool and all, but actually putting myself in that situation, I’d probably just freak out for a while before doing something LOL. Zombies are scary. I’d be surprised if I lasted more than a week tbh.


I’d be cruel, I’d get myself a sword or bat and kill all the zombies :speak_no_evil:


I could never :sob::sob:


This is a cruel world, you either die or survive :smirk:


So true… honestly I’d actually try to kill some of them but it’d take a while to get used to


Fear the living, fight the dead. You should be scared of living :smirk:


I Would build a tree home then I can just live in it with all my supplies :joy:Jk I would already be dead


Don’t underestimate yourself! :joy:

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I would make a ton of weapons, drive around in a massive car, keep a radio and always check for updates, I wouldn’t travel alone and there is a 90% chance I would convert to cannibalism even though it is highly frowned upon in most societies


I would find god (or however you believe in) and kick his-her butt, for Making a zombie apocalypse. Like really dude…

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Then I would create my own religion and all the zombies would worship me


You forget to do this


This text will be hidden


Also that will never happened

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Niether will a zombie apocalypse, this is purely hypothetical :joy:


I will just hide in the fridge


Good point… well I’m probably would after kicking god butt, I would go SUPER SAYIN AND KILL everyone


Or kick some zombie ass

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That made me think of that scene on the Last Indianna Jones film when the bombs about to go off so he hides in the fridge


Yes, because that won’t happen but a zombie apocalypse would.