What would you like to see in a story with choices/ what do you personally like OTHER AUTHORS can use some of the ideas to

Like CC for LI and MC? Let me know your opinion and what you would read/like to see in a story/ personally like and the story name is MY DEVIL OF A BOSS
and what choices you would mainly like to see :thinking: AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A LOT OR A LITTLE NUMBER OF TRIPS AND ART SCENES not all recommendations will be used
comment down below and the genre is romance and some comedy

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I dont see CC and clothes count as choices.

choices are choices. getting different outcomes for what you picked.

also personally I dont even CC but I recommend add it, just for the fact you want get the mean messages about adding it.

also maybe before asking what people wanna see in a story find out what you wanna write first. I wanna see dragons you can not use that if you dont write fantasy.

you need to know what genre and plot you wanna do. other people shouldn’t tell you what that should be. because you are the one writhing it.


I forgot to add the name and genre but I added it now thank you for reminding me and I have a plot this is just for further in the story

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