What would you like to see in a story?

:cherry_blossom: What would you like to see in a story :cherry_blossom:
Hey I am currently working on a story and I would really appreciate some tips!
please comment down what would you like to see in a story and what makes YOU not wanting to stop reading!

Hey @Zaina.creates !
What I like to see in a story is either an amazingly carried out story, both with the story line and directing, and light-hearted romances, ones that aren’t cringy and make each other laugh and the reader.
A HUGE tip is: Write the story line first It may seem like a lot of work but if you have a good idea of where your story is going, even if you change this later, it could really impact the quality of your story.
I personally enjoy Romance (not corny romances though), Drama, Adventure, and Fantasy (But not stereotypical vampires and werewolfs)

If your creating a story I think the most important thing to remember is your writing this story for YOU and no one else. Make it the way you want to, you can take some advice and change some mistakes you may have made, but don’t change the story for one person. You write your story the way you want to write it!!

WOW! Thank you so much for your tips I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Don’t make it be about any bad boys.(If you’re going to, it’s okay but I wouldn’t make it the same as all of Episode’s ones).

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Thanks for the tip :smiley: