What Would You Like To See in an Episode Featured Story...?

What Would You Like To See in an Episode Featured Story when it comes to singers/bands/shows/movies/actresses/web series/actors?

For me, I would love a MIW, Shrek, RWBY, Miraculous Ladybug, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Dragon Age, Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed Episode story, it would be so cool!

Actually there’s a lot of bands/singers that I’d like to see be featured in Episode like Ice Nine Kills and Get Scared.

And, if we had a featured story starring Ronnie Radke, I would def read it :joy:

What’s your thought on this?

Also, what would you suggest?

Attention this is just for fun, you can write whatever you want and Episode probably won’t implement it in but at least we can talk about the cool stuff we would have loved to see in featured stories ^^

If I’m making duplicate let me know xoxo


First comment!

Anyways, I’d like to see a featured story based off of a show named teen wolf? I’m not sure if you know it but’s a really good showw.

I’m pretty sure PLL is a Warner Brothers owned series, so it could be a possibility for another story for a show or movie under that company.

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Hey, I have a bit of a similar tab but for those celeb-based stories!

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I’d like to see a Harry Potter themed story. You could learn the spells and in a duel, you’d have to choose the right words/spell. And the Hunger Games. Ooh. That’d be tense.

YAS! :smile:

Thank you! :heart:

@Sydney_H may you close this topic please and thank you? :smile:

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