What would you like to see in zombie apocalypse stories?

I was wondering what y’all would like to see in zombie apocalypse stories?

You might like to see an older cast, or no romance.
Perhaps you’d like to see fast zombies rather than slow or you’d like to see more comedic relief.
You might prefer to see a main character who knows what to do rather than be confused.

Comment your thoughts/preferences/ideas and you may see it happen. :wink:


yes i very much do. Istg I need something to read that’s a thriller or just suspenseful in terms of “surviving” on this app.


I actually have a zombie horror story in the works that I’ve been planning and developing since 2019 (I think? It’s been awhile) since the genre has been really dry and I felt I needed to add to it but I’m very curious to know what people would like to see in such stories. :thinking:


Aell, I’d like to see lots of drama and maybe a grup of people who meet in a secret bunker to escape the apocalypse and become best friends and lovers!


There’s actually a story pretty similar to that already by @Amethyst.is.writing :eyes:

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oh, I’ ll check it straightaway

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I have The Survivor of Sin City that I’ve released in january, I’m currently writing episode 7, but I found when writing mine I wanted to give the reader an option to have a romance or not as I wanted it to still sit comfortably within the thriller genre.

I like to include games, lots of choices etc!

Oh! And its actually the first story where I’ve used sound effects etc. Which is a v long and boring process but in some scenes it really builds an atmosphere.

Sorry I keep adding extra things! Consider timed choices as well, it just puts that extra bit of pressure on the reader!


I think timed choices are great in zombie stories cause they add to the intensity. I also think great overlays are important, maybe some comedy aspects.
As for ideas, maybe the MC is an old guy who mentors a bunch of kids and has been preparing for this? I’m not sure, let me know if you get round to publishing, though!


(Not sure if you’d like to take a look or not) but this is the story I’ve been developing: :flushed:

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Yes to an older cast! But especially an older MC. Also more established societies and making the fear of other people just as real as the fear of the monsters (twd type deal). Also maybe I’ve just never finished a survivalist story, but it would be neat if people were able to actually find a cure (also idea for a spin off: how do you build back society after something like that?).


this ^^^

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I’d love to see a more serious thriller story in which your decisions actually matter and can result in death of characters

The Infected by Caitoriri is probably the best example of this for me


You mentioned my humble self? :point_right: :point_left: :pleading_face:

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I sure did! :wink:

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Hi there! If there’s one thing I want, it’s to feel on edge. To clarify, I would love for a zombie story to be suspenseful and see consistent zombies (a good balance of zombies to moments of reprieve, I don’t like it when a story becomes too political about humanity and loses the zombie fear factor).

I like choices that matter in zombie interactive stories, but I tend not to enjoy the mini games as much, as there is already a lot of pressure around making it out of the apocalypse alive! Though this may be an unpopular opinion.

I want someone you come to really care about to DIE. Don’t shy away from it, please! Too often stories water down how easy it would be to lose the people you care about, it’s always near-misses, or a random side character that they try to make emotional.

Comedy is a must. Between all the stress and the emotional weight of the apocalypse, I want to laugh! Make me feel connected to the characters, make me care about them and laugh with them!

I’d like to see the group be a mix of ages, because in reality you’d be lucky to find people to trust and I don’t think they would all end up being attractive 18-25 year olds. I wouldn’t even mind seeing an age gap relationship develop, so long as it is legal, consensual and makes sense for the characters. People would become very emotionally invested with one another in a tight knit group and unexpected relationships would surely blossom. I guess what I am trying to say here is, let the characters be their authentic selves and don’t shy away from a myriad of differences in age, ethnicity, social status, ability, etc.

Also for the love of GOD please at least make a comment about women in the group requiring feminine hygiene products haha!

Hopefully these opinions and wishes assist you in some way! Take what I’ve said with a grain of salt and pick and choose at those parts which resonate with you and your story. All the best and can’t wait to see what you release!

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I actually think I’ve covered pretty much everything you’ve said already, or at least most of it…? :thinking:

I personally want something a bit more “realistic” when it comes to zombie apocalypses: fear of being scratched, not just bitten, fear of contaminated water/food, unexpected relationships or connections, character development for both the worse and the better, hunting, learning new skills. I’ve also thought of the feminine hygiene products — I don’t think I’ve read an apocalypse story on the app yet that’s mentioned anything about them which is a real mystery to me. :joy:

I’ve definitely got character deaths covered and I’m all for bitter-sweet and sad endings.

I guess the only things I lack are a substantial age gap between all group members, particularly on the older side because my mains range from 9—32 (5, if you count the droid baha), but most are in their late teens to mid-twenties (3 of them). I find it difficult to incorporate an older main purely because of the characters themselves and the fact that my main cast is already made up of 7 characters which is a lot.

As for mattering choices, I lack some of that since choices change things along the way but not how it ends since I have a very specific ending in mind.

But of course, things can always change, so we’ll see what happens. (:

I’ve enjoyed your detailed input and all of your points are completely valid and to me, they’d definitely make any zombie story better, so thank you so much posting it!

Thank you for giving me some context, I am very excited for when you release. I want to now add, that I also enjoy linear stories, and so in that case think that relationships and the way that people communicate is fair enough for choices that matter. I’ve read plenty of linear stories I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and I’m sure yours will be no exception! I’m going to go ahead and bookmark your other thread!

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I would love it if it’s set like 5 years after and the Mc is alone with her pet doggo :wink: then she meets the li or something like that

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Thriller and mystery stories are unique to author’s imagination & creativity!
So maybe surprise us :wink:
I would like to see few impactful mini games other then killing & collecting items ( Hope its possible :sweat_smile: :laughing:)
If u choose to include romance , I would like to see slowburn & tension filled sequence like they don’t own each other but they end up saving each other they mock each other but they kinda care for each other and they have lot of coincidence sorta (Hope its not too much :sweat_smile: :joy:)

At the of the day It’s your story so make it your style , I am shure ppl like to read and see more zombie story with different aspects rather then generic ideas.


ONE important thing is showing how zombie craziness started like u can show few flashback scenes of scientist trying something and after tat u can make a character wake up from dream sorta!

Might as well watch Shaun of the dead you might brainstorm some ideas! :grin:
Good luck with ur writing!

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