What would you like to see or not see in an episode story?

So… I am writing a story, I am a beginner at writing so I would love to hear your opinion!

What would you like to see in a story? And what would you not want to see in a story? Pls comment below :heart::arrow_heading_down:


Some things that I like to see in stories is genuine love interests that are nice and show their feelings well. I also like when in some stories, there is no romance and its all about mystery and things like that, it is refreshing sometimes:)but I also like romance stories too! What I don’t like is a whole bunch of cliches, bad boy falling for good girl, mean girls being mean to the nerd so she changes herself, and having the love interest be a player until the MC changes that, and things like that. It all gets very old. I also dislike when the story moves to fast, it gets overwhelming and it just doesn’t seem right.

Hope this helps, Have fun writing! Its a great experience!:heart:

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Personally, I like to see a slow burn in a story, like enemies to lovers and well paced. I don’t want to see cliche high school situations, mafias, bad boy falling for mean girl or anything like that. It’s not that it’s “bad” but it’s so common that I want to read something new. :))


Yes slow burns keep me reading bc if the LI and MC get together too quickly it just seems forced/rushed.


ikr, have you seen stories where the MC and LI meet, and are sleeping together like two days later and saying they’re in love? cuz i have lol…


Same here!!

I think clichés are ok if they are done correctly…

Here’s my list:

Things I would like to see:

Interesting side characters.
Dark topics (without going against the guidelines).

Things I wouldn’t like to see:

Perfect characters. We all have flaws…