What would you like to see?

Hi guys! I’m Kyra :slight_smile:

I’ve started making backgrounds and I want to share them with you all but I have no idea about what kind of backgrounds you would like to see. I prefer to make interior rooms but I can experiment with exteriors as well. I’ve mainly practiced living rooms and bedrooms (see example below).

If you have any suggestions (not requests) please let me know! Here is a background I made from scratch. Please leave any feedback below. I’m open to any constructive criticism. :slight_smile:

(It has a watermark because I’m not quite ready to share yet.)


Moved to resources as that’s where art lives :slight_smile:

It looks really great…
And made it from scratch and in this I don’t think there is something meant to be changeable…
Keep up the good work…:grinning::grinning::grinning: