What would you rather read?

Hello! After completeing my first story, H & V : Super, my attention is now pulled towards a few other stories I’ve been meaning to write! But… which one, is the question?
So what better to do than to ask the community which story they’d find more interesting?

Both are in LL, and both are working titles - not yet set in stone.

Story One, The 505: The 505 will be a story about a teenage boy, Ash, in high school. He’s not your typical teen, and while that sounds stereotypical… It’s true. He’s almost an informant - picking up rumors and secrets about the students around the school, and sometimes using his body in exchange for information.
It follows Ash’s story, touching on student-teacher relationships and sexual assault - something that seems to be romantasized in some parts of this community (My Teacher, My Gang Leader; really?).
It’s a drama.

Story Two, The Dead and the Wicked: Loosely based off the song ‘The Valley’ by The Oh Hellos, The Dead and the Wicked is a story about two kingdoms of fantastical creatures going to war. The demons, the inhabitants of the snowy and mountainous region known as The Shadows. And the angels, a winged race of creatures living in the moderate grasslands, near the coast, nestled between two hills; The Valley. And of course, everything in between: fae, mermaids, shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires.
While it may not touch upon as many issues as The 505, it will be very fun - bringing something other than werewolves to the fantasy category.
And as stated before, it is a fantasy story.

  • Story One, The 505.
  • Story Two, The Dead and the Wicked.

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Thank you!

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Both sound amazing!! I voted for The 505, but if The Dead and the Wicked wins I’ll be just as likely to read it. :))

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