What would you rather?/

I have 2 chapters OK enough to release tonight but I’m not sure if I should prolong it and write the next 2 and release… So lets have a vote.

  • Release the first 2 tonight
  • Wait until all 4 is finished
  • Not fussed

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You have to release at least 3 to publish.

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I would do 4 then the readers are less likely to complain about not having ep 6 or something.

Also don’t stress it’s better to be late and error free, then early and bugged.

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I have 4 open chapters but I would lock 2

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how do I get people to proof read my chapters?

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If you only publish 2, it could get suspended. Even if you lock the third, having a blank episode is still something people can report you for because of insufficient lines. So I would wait until you have the minimum


oh ok thank you.

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You can ask people.

but do I release the episodes for them to be read or can they be secretly shared


You can just share a link and they will read it.

oh ok, thank you.

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No problem.

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