What would you say are the most useful and critical commands used in advanced directing

For example,

Would you say
@cut to zone #
@pan to zone #
are important


I am not a new writer, but I have been away for a long time. Coming back to the new limelight has thrown me off a tad. As the directing as advanced SO MUCH! what use to pass as really good, has sadly become part of the “Don’t do this” in your story. So. Just Curious, what are some of the most helpful commands that make a story advanced?

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I’d say that they are really important! They can bring the story to life and make everything more dramatic.

Not sure, how do you define helpful?

@pause for T

is probably the most useful cuz you can use it in so many ways.
For example, you can use it to determine how short or long animation is, which I think is really important when trying to make animations look more realistic.


I think that zooming is really important
But also using easing functions and the command then

if we are really talking about advanced directing then I would say the spot directing

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evrything is importent. but you can also over do it.

example if you pan evry scene is very anoying. I dont need to see all 3 zones.

cut to zone is very importent or do you plan to have evry scene to take place in zone 1

zoming ads a lot. example in long coversations its can make the scene seem more interesting if you shift between charaters. and also you dont need to make sure the other charater arent just standing there

filters arent importent, they can add something but that is properly the one you least need to focus on

but I do recomand not to use @MC enters from screen left to screen center
Or use it sparengly. it looks stupid when it is used over and over and over again. espically when many charaters enters the screen.

what are easing functions?

Ah, yes of course! Spot directing is something I always use!

Uhm, wait

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