What would your dream life look like?


Imagine for Christmas you could choose what you life would be like for the rest of your life! What would it look like? What would stay the same? What would be different? Why?


hmm I would like to live a happy life with two pets and my very on house that I built/designed (inspired by American History teacher who built her own house.) Maybe explore more of the world since I feel I’m stuck at the same place over and over. Some parts of me to stay the same and I would also like to change myself to be better.
(idk if this counts :sweat_smile:)


Sounds AWESOME!!! And of course it counts! It’s general chat, get dem creative juices FLOWING :joy: :joy_cat: :joy: I need to chill… XD


Im glad, cuz I thought I wasn’t making any sense!:joy:


No, it sounds so cool!! I’ve always wanted to design a house but it sounds hard… XD


Yeah I did design a house on a game and it looks ugly ;-;
So I’m pretty much questioning it. :grin:




I’d have stability. >.>

That’s really all I want. I just want things to be stable.


I’d just want to live in another world as one of my characters in one of my stories, if only for a day. That would be the dream life lol.


That sounds really cool!


I need calm and peaceful life…me and my loved ones and offcourse my beautiful flowers :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart::heart::rose:


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