What wows you in a story?


What have you seen in stories that just wow you. Background, zooming choices, ext.


overlays, and backgrounds.


Great writing skills as well as clean directing.

Mainly the writing is what will make me go woooah haha


Virgin characters


Good writing to me is much more important than the directing. I won’t even continue a story if the grammar is too bad or if the plot isn’t original/creative enough. Great directing is like the cherry on top that pushes a great story to excellent


just to say something on the ‘grammar’. Some people are not really good with their language, maybe English, yeah,but still if you don’t want to continue their story. that is fine. I’m just letting you know though.


special art scenes n way the the narrator describes the story


Yeah I realize that and it’s nothing against them it’s just really hard to read a story when you have to decipher things. There are people who will beta read stories for other people and that usually works great. And I’m fine with a few grammatical errors now and then it’s when I have to start deciphering what they meant.




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I just wanted to add on this conversation, I hope that’s okay. :blush:
I think it’s great that there actually are so many writers who try to write in a foreign language. And I really hope that those who are native speakers would think of that. Imagine writing in a language that isn’t your first language. Also, writing in english for those who don’t speak it as their first language, this is a great opportunity to learn! But for your storys sake, if you are not a native english speaker, get a proofreader. It shows you’ve put some effort in your story and you might even learn something on the way. I know I did.
But if a story has too much issues with grammar, it can get really hard to understand what the characters are saying and you won’t be able to follow the story line. Of course, a few grammar or spelling mistakes shouldn’t bother anyone.


Right! :+1: