What you doing this weekend?

So my fellow Episoders and Episodettes, what are you all doing this weekend?

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Not much, babysitting rn LOL

How do I make a topic myself? I’m new on here

Aw how’s that going?

To make a new topic, all you gotta do is go on the home page and there is an option to make a new topic. Press on it and type in anything you want. If it’s Episode related, just put it under “fan community” or if you’re talking about random things just put “general chat”

I still don’t get it LOL

Are you using your phone or computer?

Wait I got it,
thanks for the help!

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No problemo :slight_smile:

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I just went to the mall :slightly_smiling_face: but that’s all I’m doing this weekend


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Not much I guess just on Episode Forum and reading stories on Episode.

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