What your thoughts with"Its start with a bra"?


Well…We created one more Topic which is What your thoughts with" It’s start with a bra!"?
Well…in this Topic We want you to reply what you actually think a It Start with a bra?

I must say…I think it was an sexually harassment and bullying story but What’s your thoughts?

You can find such threads in my another Topic “Talking and votes for featured stories!” Please support me and comment below what you think about it?

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Rose Okuchi and others


I don’t think the story is suitable for Episode. It promotes sexual harassment, bullying and nudity. These are, first of all, against Episode’s guidelines but is not suitable for people to read. Yes, Episode is 13+, but people under 13 sneak onto it. I know we shouldn’t change Episode for people under 13, if they don’t want to follow the guidelines, but that story promotes too many bad things.

And the story description:
What would I do? What would I do?! Man, I’d be calling the police! The description and story is just wrong, to start.

I read all 3 chapters, thinking it would somehow get better. It never happened… it just kept getting worse. Like why would she go to the window to look at the NAKED NEIGHBOUR? Who does that?! And who just stands there when three boys have stolen their bra? And when they stand there with her bra, all she does is think about the golden boy?

It should be banned. But because it’s an Episode story, it won’t be and we can’t report on the app to get it removed.

-Sorry about the rant lol. Turned out longer than I expected. :joy:-

~ Winter :snowflake:




I think Episode didn’t think through this, I mean haven’t they consider that this is a straight up blackmailing? and also humiliating to the girl? and their excuse is what? “he’s sexy” like really? this is not okay in any way. doesn’t matter sexy or not, they still shouldn’t put it, not to mention the nudity scenes, this WAY too much…


Agree…this is bad and full with naked scene’s!


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