What're the limits with your opp gender friend when your have a partner?

So, guys I have a question for you guys. What limits do you have with your opposite gender friend when you have a partner? And what limits should your partner have with their opposite gender friend?

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What do you mean by limits?

I don’t sleep with a guy on first date, or on the second, if that’s what you meant. :see_no_evil:

I don’t sleep with him at all, until I don’t feel that feelings are mutual.

And if sexual talk is all that comes from his mouth as soon as we meet, then we’re also finished forever soon / immediately. :see_no_evil:

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But were you even asking us females? :fearful:

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Ughm, I read your question again and I understand it differently :fearful::joy::sweat_smile:

If I have a male friend, god forbids my partner says anything for him, we’re over. Because I’m a smart woman and I know well for myself how to choose friends.

But if my partner has a female friend, that’s another story. Not possible. I was surrounded by men enough to know, their friendship is not preventing them to open the zipper.

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:thinking: I don’t have a partner, or a male friend or a friend :disappointed:, but I figure the limits would be anything widely considered to be non-platonic by society. Where I live (North America), hugs are fine, kisses on the cheek generally not among friends, kissing on the mouth/elsewhere no, groping definitely not…

I’d be very likely to trust my partner around their friends, for the simple fact that if they can’t resist cheating, then we’re probably incompatible and they’re not what I’m looking for. :woman_shrugging: I’d rather break up with someone and call it a failed experiment than feel that I had to monitor them like a rebellious child. Call me a picky bih, but avoiding something that’s emotionally cheating isn’t too much to ask for in a partner. :stuck_out_tongue: Mostly kidding about me being a picky bih, basically no one would tolerate a cheater lmao.


I’m married and I have male friends and my husband has females friends there no restrictions because their friends only and get treated exactly the same as ones of the same gender.

There a lot of lies out there saying a man can’t be friends with a female and male with females because obviously they must have sex or will happen which is lies.

The one restriction would be dont do anything with them that you wouldn’t be happy with if your partner did the same thing.


It’s not being picky it’s being mature I will never understand why couples get so damn paranoid if your partner going to stray they will regardless.


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