What's 1 thing that drives you crazy in Episode stories?

I know that there are probably like a 100 things that drives us crazy, but what’s that one thing that can make you throw your phone somewhere, or urge to write the author about it, or just exit the story and never see it again?

I think the most important thing for me is, when people don’t know the differences in grammar like:

  • your and you’re
  • to and too
  • whenever, whatever, wherever
  • there, their and they’re
  • not using articles
  • Not using commas
    And a ton more.

Sometimes I close my eyes for it, but when I’m on edge, I literary wanna punch the author. I understand that English is not a native language for everyone (it’s my second language too), but please, please, please get a proofreader to check your grammar or take English grammar book AND LEARN.
If there is a good directing and bad grammar, I’m not even starting the story. If it has bad directing, BUT normal level grammar, I may even read it.

So, what’s yours?


I completely agree with this. :persevere::persevere::persevere:

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My Pet Peeve is breathe/breath; I see this a lot where people use the wrong one.

Breathe = verb

Breath = noun

“I couldn’t breathe,” or “I took a deep breath,” is correct, “I couldn’t breath,” isn’t.

It bugs me when people use the wrong one. Spellcheck won’t catch that for you.

Also, it’s a lot not “alot”


Definitely grammar, I can’t read if it’s poor

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I understand that grammar mistakes make lots of people hate the story but please guys also keep in mind that not all of us first language is English so we try our best to have no mistakes but it’s hard and I know there are lots of people do proofreading but also not everyone have money to do that.
So please always keep that in mind and put yourself in their shoes. Me personally my first language is Arabic if I told you to write a whole story in Arabic will you make it perfect with no single mistake? I guess no and I also think it’s 100% okay :woman_shrugging:t4:

And about that point of (Learn English or take courses) We study English here it’s one of our main subjects too! I’ve been studying English for 15 years but still it won’t be perfect with no mistakes like your mother tongue it’s not that easy! We can get confused and switch your with you’re and vice versa

So when you find issues for example like (there, their and they’re) just pm the author and she / he will fix it right away but exiting a story because it doesn’t have punctuation/ your instead of you’re and all of that I find it kinda unfair and of course it’s just my opinion :white_heart:


As I wrote before, it’s not my first language too, so some small misspellings are completely normal.

Why do you need to pay? Just download Grammarly and do the proofreading by yourself. The free version is enough. The only thing is that the free version are more specified on words and grammar, not punctuation, meaning it won’t tell you where to put commas. It just highlights different places and you have to figure out yourself why the places is highlighted.

Of course not. That’s why it’s a good idea to give someone to test out your story and check it before you publish, but a lot people just start the sentence without the capital letter and think: “No one will pay attention.”

I didn’t say anything like that. I said to just check the grammar book if you’re not sure which expression or phrase to use.

Honestly, everyone in my country says that our own language is harder than English, that’s basically why teenagers talk in English.:joy: (It’s one of the hardest languages to learn)
For me, it has been 10 years and there are still so many things I need to learn, but the ones I added in the thread - people learn them in the secondary school.

I don’t do that anymore, cause in past I have written some authors and even proofread a lot stories and they thought it was me trying to be rude. Or some just ignore these kinds of messages.

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bumpity bump

Bad background characters! Using default Episode Portal characters and not changing their looks or using the randomly generated ones. It’s really obvious to Episode coders.


And leaving them in the default outfits that look hideous :woozy_face:

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I defo don’t do this hahaha :zipper_mouth_face:

I actually need to stop doing that because it even annoys myself


I use the random generator. Like you write the scrip names in script and when it shows that character doesn’t exist, you tap continue and randomly generate it.

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Oh that’s a good idea, I’m going to try that.

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I have often wondered if my insistence upon proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation has made me into a jerk on the internet- so it is good to know that I am not alone in this. (Not that an action is ever justified purely because it is common.)

However, there is another similar thing that doesn’t get talked about much that, in many ways, is more annoying because it is less discussed.

People writing ‘aye’ instead of ‘yes’ just because they seem to think it makes them sound more poetic/high brow in a fantasy story.

This is going to be quite the rant, so buckle up.

I am so sick of people gratuitously throwing in ‘hIsToRiCaL’ or ‘fAnTaSy’ language in their stories- not because there is anything wrong with these choices grammatically, but because they are always random. It makes it look like the writer is trying to go out of their way to appear well-read rather than letting the content of the story and the quality of the writing showcase the writer’s strengths.

Phrases that fall into this ‘it doesn’t make you sound smart or creative’ category include:

  • “Moons/Suns” or “many moons/suns ago” - (Just say ‘years’ or ‘months’ or ‘nights’ - and stop acting like these three measurements of time are interchangeable with one word.)
  • “Autumns/Winters/Summers ago” - (Just say ‘years’)
  • “Aye” - (Just say ‘yes’ - especially if the rest of the story is in normal English, and the fashion, technology, and architecture indicate any year 1800 or later)
  • “Thee/Thine” - (7 times out of 10, the writer does not sound like they know what they are doing. It is one thing to use these words in a random ancient poem or within a specific context, and another to use them at every opportunity, even when the situation does not call for it.)
  • “-eth” and “-th” at the end of words - (It driveth me crazy- just speak 21st century English)
  • Random use of Italian, Spanish, French, and Latin - (This can be found in any story, not just fantasy, but the aggressive and relentless use of words-particularly pet names- in another language is cringey at best and exoticism at worst. Also, the constant need to put foreign words in italics.)

Some of these things can be used correctly and add a nice touch to the story, but normally, they are overused and just seem to be a cheap way for the author to make themselves look ‘smart’.

Example sentence: “It driveth me mad whence I must gazeth upon thine inconceivably wretched works of literature, should thee becometh most revered of wordsmiths, I myself shall dismember mine eyes and hurleth them into the depths of la seine.

Instead of throwing in random archaic or “intellectual” words and terminology, try putting effort into the costumes, technology, scenery, and character creation.

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Honestly, I totally get you. I don’t even read the story where someone is trying to use all kind of language because English isn’t my first language. I just don’t understand it. And I will not read the story that I can’t understand.
But I’m curious which story exactly are you talking about because I haven’t read a lot of historical stories and it’s particularly hard to write them on episode because of the lack of the outfits and backgrounds.

And the one thing I can say I’m tired of is all kind of mafia stories using only Italy, USA and Spain as the main places and love interest, speaking only a few phrases in Italian when he’s angry or furious.

Also, that’s why it’s great when you do a proper research when you write a story. That’s why also the planning is important.

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I’m talking about several stories- some of them are by authors that I really like, and some of them are really popular. I don’t really want to throw anyone under the bus though…

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No worries! 🩶