What's a big no-no in a story?

YES!!! Oh god those jem choices r so annoying bc ur story basically becomes boring or you don’t even enjoy the story line. But I find that mostly on the ones that episode create.


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you’re welcome :hugs: @Silverx

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I’ll try not to repeat what others have said:

  1. Unrealistic dialogue. Use contractions (that’s, it’s, I’m). I don’t like it when the dialogue feels unnatural or too formal, especially when ALL the characters’ talking is “perfect” and lacks personality. This can make it sound like I’m listening to the author, not the characters. Remember that everyone speaks differently and uses different phrases.
  2. Poor pacing (too rushed, episodes are too long/short, too slow, or if there’s not much plot going on or TOO much plot going on). Whether the story is fast or short isn’t inherently “bad.” It is appropriate for an action or thriller story to be faster, and it is appropriate for a slow burn romance or a mystery that is slowly building up to be slower.
  3. Stereotypes. They’re so overdone, and it’s so painfully obvious to spot those characters. There are, however, many comedy stories that use stereotypes to their advantage, which are fun to read.
  4. Long author intros, especially if it’s a fight between a character and the author’s character. Those always flop and drag out. I also dislike ones that say their story “isn’t perfect” or “isn’t good.” Like, that’s for me to decide. If you start your story out with a disclaimer saying it’s not good, then I might just stop reading. Don’t sell yourself short. :slight_smile: I think including a very brief intro is fine, and I think they usually work better when put at the end of the chapter (depending on the text of course – If you’re saying something about CC or English not being your first language, that’s fine).
  5. Boring side characters. It’s great to focus on the main characters, but they all have many people in their lives–the side characters! They’re also very important, and they help expand the plot, too. It’s so painful to read a main character’s interaction with a bland side character.
  6. Stating the characters’ personalities out loud. Their personalities is for me as a reader to figure out through their dialogue and actions. if I can’t tell by that, then I’d recommend going back to make them a stronger character.

Good luck to everyone on their stories! :smiley:


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Bad spelling/grammar/directing


i actually have an entire list lol!

  1. (in romance stories) when the characters and their romance is rushed. (for example, when they first meet then immediatly in the second chapter are kissing or hooking up, without barely knowing each other.)
  2. not using periods, comas, etc.
  3. grammar and many mispellings. i understand when english isn’t the authors first language, but i hate when an author speaks perfect english yet don’t care enough to use the correct spelling.
  4. when the MC gets pregnant.
  5. multiple plotholes. i’m very understanding if it’s your first story. hell, my first story had a million of them! but if you have several stories out and they’re all filled with plotholes, maybe plan them out before writing them and publishing them immediatly.
  6. when they mock black/ethnic hairstyles as a joke. (example, when they use “Twist Hair” on a white character to make it seem like they had a “bad haircut”.

i have many more but i’ve already written too much!


I hate pregnancy stories that aren’t done well.