What's a big no-no in a story?

Too late :skull:

I’m gonna write a parody with absolutely zero planning done beforehand.

Another dealbreaker for me is when there is more romance than plot in a story not in the romance section.


If that means an action story with romance enlaced within the plot…


No! It means a romance or m*fia story in the action genre. No worries!


:joy: I felt like a bully talking absolute junk about mafia stories…

But I digress.

Anyway, another no-no is dyed hair color everywhere. For example, office workers have guidelines about their attires and that includes visible tattoos and hair styles. I just can’t stand a guy with long purple hair wearing a business suit, in a business complex, trying to talk to his/her client about insurance…


I can get past hair dye because it looks cool, but you have a salient point. Office workers won’t all have dyed hair.


“Ah yes you’re looking to apply… checks over resume
distantly in the background there is the loud sound of water and someone suddenly yelling: Frick I got the purple on my shirt!

Then later they come out with matching wet purple hair with the boss saying that it is a “typical day in the office”. They have a guy that does tattoos, too. But everyone likes to think they’re a hairstylist.

But yeah I also hate it when all the background characters are these annoying episode generated characters. They’re all so ugly and have like the most terrible pink dyed hair and bright orange lipstick or something! And I’ve even seen scenes in stories where they’re judging the MC for what she’s wearing when they’re the ones that are looking like they blinding chose their outfits that morning! And this was in an Episode Original! Or when there’s a fancy ball scene and like three of the characters are actually wearing something fancy, and one person is in like a swimsuit. We need a backstory on these background characters! They’re just out of it all the time :joy:


This. This is my big one. F*ck stories with this trope. It’s such a lazy way to portray the LI as a “good guy” and it’s so overused. And it’s also literally never brought up again as if this isn’t like a really big, traumatizing thing to happen??


:joy: That’s one way to spot unpolished work.

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I personally like to have my background characters do random crap because it’s funny, but in a story where that’s not meant to be funny, then it’s either awkward or unintentionally hilarious.


Maybe not a BIG no-no, but using the pre-made BG characters. They’re all so bland :yawning_face: Plus it shows how little you actually care about the details.


Yeah, there are way too many stories that have a ‘i realized he isn’t so bad after all’ after punching some creep with a bun (it’s always a bun and a big nose tell me I’m wrong) because

And nobody talks about it after. Wich is bs. They get SA’d, not to the extent of r*pe but it’s still super traumatic. If your going to add SA, it has to be a big, revolving topic that you can’t just drop. Especially readers who have gone through that stuff. It’s really just unacceptable.

I read a story where the LI ran out to save her but she had already kicked the dude’s *ss. That was passable.


I’m going to say a story that:

  1. Has no customization, which is one the best parts of an Episode story.

  2. Has no music, and without music the story is just boring.

  3. The episodes are too long, and the episodes in your story should be kept at a reasonable length.

  4. Has no direction. From what I’ve noticed, a lot of Episode stories lack direction. You don’t know where the story is headed and the characters are obviously trapped in one place and they have no idea what direction they’re headed in.

  5. Only has just three to six episodes. You got to have more episodes than that.

  6. Hasn’t been planned, and if you don’t plan your story, then it’s going to be very crappy.

So this is my take on it.

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There are good stories with no CC. I don’t disagree with you, but I want to also add the following about CC. If you don’t give a reason to the readers why you have no CC, than I understand your opinion about this one. :wink: But I have to include :point_right: I have a story with no CC, because I use a lot of overlays and I use art scene, changing eye colours, that makes CC a pain in the a** for me as an author. What I try to say, authors have a reason not to use CC and that is fine as long as the reason is clear for the reader.