What's A Good Animation For A Character Being Dizzy

So, I’m directing a scene in one of my stories where a character is dizzy when getting out of a bed in the hospital because the reason she’s there was because she cut herself For reasons I won’t explain because I don’t wanna spoil anything for future readers, but I’m not sure what animation would be good for showing a character being dizzy. Please share your opinion/suggest one!


There’s not many for something like that. Though, I do recommend: idle_exhausted_loop.


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You could perhaps try showing your character doing either the idle_wounded_sad_loop or idle_exhausted_loop animation than show the end result of the react_facepalm_disappointed animation. Since that animation ends with the character holding its head while having their eyes closed.

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I scrolled through the animations catalog and here’s a few ideas

  • dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear: It kind of has a swaying effect. The arms are in an awkward position though.
  • idle_baby_exhausted_loop: I kinda liked this one. The arms are almost like she’s wrapping herself and swaying
  • idle_wounded_sad_loop: This one kinda has an unsteady/bent over in pain vibe
  • idle_pregnant_tired_loop: I don’t know how to explain this one. But it seemed kinda sickly/dizzy to me
  • sing_ballad_nervous: If you want her to talk, this has a dizzy talking look
  • skate_unstable_loop: If you use this when she stands up, it looks like she can’t quite get her footing
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