Whats a good langth?

Ok so i have a story its my secound story ever and i want to know whats a good langth for a story that would keep the reader intrested


3000 - 4000 lines probably if you want a long length but that seems difficult to write


if you talk about episode lenght than do not bother about the number of lines but about the reading time. Most usuall time is 10-15 minutes.

If you are talking about number of chapters there is no rule for it… simple plot will be enought in 8-15 chapters while complicated plot with lot of twists can be up to 50 chapters easily.


Okay so don’t go under 1300 and don’t have more then 3000 lines. It would be the perfect length for me, also please include music in story, because if the chapter is longer I got bored and if it’s too short I’m annoyed then hahaha. And people will always tell you it’s “too short” but don’t listen, your chapters will always be too short if the story is so intertaning! First 3 or 4 characters will be a little shorter then the rest but keep in mind to have at least 1300 in those 3/ 4 chapters, at the time you’ll get faster and 2000 lines will be nothing to you😘 wish you all the luck and take time girl, don’t stress if it takes too long

I agree that 10-15 mins reading time.
I usually have about 15.
As for lines, it depends on how you code. Everything on one line? Separate lines? How many branches?
I have some chapters that are over 20,000 lines. It’s about reading time.

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lines are realy not important. I have cc for 6 characters and thanks to it my story has 12000 without a single dialogue and if reader decides to skipp it he is done with it within few seconds.

The one who use lot of AND and do not have any empty lines can be easily on 1/4 of lines of somebody who gives each single command to separate line. Yet the result will have completly same reading time.m

The same goes for choices if you have a lot of reather long choices your script will be much longer than story with few or reather short choices. Yet the reading time can be again the same.


Yeah you’re right there…but she should see for episode to last between 10-20 minutes no more or less. That would be the perfect length in my opinion. (I totally forgot about CC sorry)

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