What's a good number of points to get a "good" ending?

As a reader, nothing can be more frustrating than thinking you’re nailing a points-system story only for you to miss one question and get the bad ending. I know some people do this purposefully, so that you pay gems to see the good ending, but since it’s never explained during the stories I play, I want to know if anyone has any rules they follow to determine this. As both a reader and writer, I’m curious to know: how many points do you think deserves a good ending? Would getting half of the points be okay, or maybe slightly above half?

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It would depend on the amount of endings (just good/bad, or good/neutral/bad). I would put it above half, maybe it would be tough to get :skull: but if there are two endings I, personally, would have them get 70-80% of the points to get the good ending.

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That makes sense! The amount of endings should definitely factor into the threshold.That’s cool though, I don’t think I’ve seen many stories with neutral endings as the option. It’s either you get your happily ever after or something completely tragic happens to you :skull:

Yeah! I’ve read stories that have two endings but I’ve also read some with as many as eight. Neutral/Ambiguous endings make things way less stressful for me as a reader. I’ve restarted a story three times before because I kept messing up my point amount for the “good” ending. I haven’t completed it yet, probably would have made more sense to play one all the way through and then replay… :joy:

The complexity of choices would also play into the amount of points I’d require. Like some stories have clearly established what choices are “correct”, for example a LI that likes painting and your options are or . Other stories are subtle, ie. a mystery story and you have a choice between two clues. I would set a lower percentage of points the harder it is to get them.

I just read a story where there were 4 possible endings: 1. “Best” ending: you get the love interest and move forward in your career 2. “Good” ending: you only get the love interest 3. “Okay” ending: you only move forward in your career 4. “Bad” ending: you neither get the love interest or move forward in your career.

There were over 150 possible points, but two separate points (Love points and Career points). I’m assuming that a net of <25% of points gleaned the “Bad” ending, 25-50% the “Okay” ending, 50-75% the “Good” ending, and >75% the “Best” ending.

I got the “Best” ending (although I did artificially top up points quite often). From what I knew, I had nearly all possible points. I like when there’s the knowledge of what amount of points will produce what ending. If you’re going for four endings, I think the <25/50/75/>75 makes sense.

Personally, I am writing a story with three possible endings. If readers have gained <40% of all possible points, they’ll get the “Bad” ending. If they get 40-60% of all points, they’ll get the “Okay” ending. >60% produces the “Good” ending. Of course, this is personal opinion, but I think if you are writing more than two possible endings, you should make it easy enough for the reader to not get stuck with the “worst” ending. Readers don’t want to play 30 episodes to end up with a disappointing finale.

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