What's a good story length?


how long should i make a story? 15-10 mins? 1000 beats/lines? 2000? also how many episodes/chapters? give advice :slight_smile:


you can make your story as long as you want. You can make it short. You can do whatever with your story length.


i’m just wondering, at what point do people get bored or think it’s too short


if a short story is good for you, then u can try tht, if its long, then GO FOR IT! You are in control of your story.


not really. if the story is long, and people do get bored at it, and not hooked to the story then they may stop reading. THEIR CHOICE/DECISION.

If the story is long , and your reader is hooked, then they may continue it if it is not boring or anything.


You are in control of your story, doesnt matter if ppl get bored, if ppl get bored at it then thats their decision.

They can stop reading it whenever they want, but you are STILL going to have more readers whether its boring to them or not.


mkay, thankss!!




A good length is at least 1k beats… otherwise readers shall think it is too short… If you want I can send you the link to my unpublished one… (Only one ep so far) And it has over 4k beats… And you can see for yourself how short the episodes seem and I only have 1 out of 10 Main characters plot lines done xD

But yeah as long as it is over 1k beats you should be fine… if you get asked about it then simply tell the readers that you wrote over 1k beats and they will understand in 2 ways… 1) They have not written script before and think it is daunting and would just be amazed as to how you ever started or 2) Understand that you worked hard to script a story for OTHERS and drop the subject. c;


tyyy! my first episode was a bit over 1k lines but i’m trying to make this one at least 2k, but hopefully 3k-4k. anyways i’d love to read your story, feel free to link it!


Alright… Ep 1 isn’t done since it is taking alot of animation hunting xD but yeah so far you will have Fate’s Storyline available and part of Borina’s… If you click the others you will get stuck XD

This story is about 10 main characters who find themselves bonded to stones left for them by there ancestors… The stones contain magic given to them by their ancestors the creators on the universe… Now it is there job to learn how to use these powers and stop evil from prevailing. xD