What's a quick way to position background characters?



How do you position background characters? I mean I know how to use spot directing to arrange the background characters but it takes me like 30 minutes or sometimes even an hour to position them all correctly! I would like to hear some of you guy’s opinion and just personally how you guy’s do it.


That’s the only plausible way to position background characters. And I know the struggle girl, it takes me quite a lot of time as well to position the characters and well it sucks but you gotta do it you know? :joy:


When positioning a character the best thing to do is @CHARACTER stands back left or far back left. I know even I have struggles sometimes.
If you want to keep them in back always use spot then the points 0.840 then it will always appear as if they are in the back.


A quicker way to get all character’s out on the screen for positioning is to use one of episodes crowd templates, Then go from there to place the characters where you want them.
Saves a bit of time, but yes, placing background characters is one of the most time consuming points of creating a animated story.



Background characters are so important to me, I spend hours on creating and placing them. Since we have a Web Portal preview is so much easier! Also, if background I want to use is available on mobile creation I just use this then copy and make small edits, this always saving me some time. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip!


that’s a really good idea actually!! Thanks for the tip!


thank you!



Get your question answered @DaisyQi? :slight_smile:




Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: