What's a swimming animation alternative?

Since the swimming animation in LL isn’t available on the portal, I’m looking for a good alternative. I’ve tried looking at dancing animations, but they all don’t really quite fit what I’m going for. Has anyone gotten anything?

Thanks for the help!

This is the closest i ever got:

But this was some months ago and I haven’t tested it since but you can give it a try if u want, although it may look awkward :joy:

Yes, I considered that one, but the problem is I want my characters to look like they’re swimming standing Idk if I’m clear it’s pretty hard to describe but with the crowdsurf animation it looks like they’re swimming on their back.

True, I haven’t found one yet but i’ll keep looking. hopefully Episode gives us a swimming animation. Honestly, it looks really creepy so recommend to speed up when the CHAR comes by- it’s always funny to view XD

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