What's attractive in a romantic interest?

Hello, I’m writing a story for episode and I’m planning to have multiple possible romantic interests. So I wanted to know what people found attractive in their love interests?

Whether this is a character trait you liked in an episode character or what you look for in a real life partner, whether you’re straight or in the spectrum of other sexualities.

  1. Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental?

  2. Dose it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?

  3. What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?

Please let me know! Any answer is better than no answer ! :heart:


1.) emotional/mental is the most important. If you’re adding CC looks don’t really matter. But if you aren’t it’s all about their personality. I haven’t read a romance story because the love interest is so hot, it’s their personality that makes me stay. For example, the phantom in the phantom of the opera is hideous yet people still find him sexy because of his personality, voice, and the way he carries himself.
2.) doesn’t matter for me at all but I can’t say the same for shallow 13 yr old girls who are obsessed with billionaires
3.) Any love interest who cheats. Once you cheat, I’m done. There is no redemption.


Thank you for your input. Can you explain what is desirable/ what you look for emotionally and mentally specifically?

  1. Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental? All three for me. As shallow is might seem looks definitely plays a factors. Emotional connection is a must. Mental connect is a must.
  2. Does it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make? It doesn’t matter what they wear, it does matter how they wear it lol. It depends on what they do for a living yes. (as long as it’s legal) & as long as they are making money then idc.
  3. What turns me off of love interest? Wow, too many to list.
    • Disrespecting me.
    • Bad mouthing me.
    • Guliting me.
    • over-possessiveness
    Can’t think anymore at the moment

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sense of humor, passionate, charming, just make them unique lol.

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Unique got it!

Specify emotional and mental connection for me if you please. What specifies and emotional/ mental connection for you?

  • Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental?

All three

  • Dose it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?

Women are statistically proven to not want to be with men who make less than hem and are less educated Do twith that what you will.

  • What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?

Quit lyin’. Damn

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In stories for me they have to be funny, loving, and at least a little attractive.

In real life they just have to be funny cuz I like some ugly dudes :eyes:


I’m going to start with one of my biggest turn-offs: attitude. More specifically, the better-than- everyone-else attitude. It’s not always rich people who have it. There’s plenty of others who look down their noses at people, and treat other people like they are beneath them. They demand respect, but don’t have much respect for others. They’d rather laugh at someone than help them, and they love to point out people’s flaws. A guy could have the body of a Greek god, and it wouldn’t come close to making up for a horrible attitude.

Now for the good stuff. Funny is definitely attractive. And, I like when someone isn’t too proud to get on their knees to talk to a child or pet a dog. I like someone who is strong, but has vulnerabilities, too. Also, I like someone who does their own quirky little things without worrying what other people think.

As for money, I would like it if a man could at least match me. But, I think if his job is something heroic, or benevolent (like firefighter, or involved with a charity), that’s better than money.

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Physical? Eh, it’s a part, but if he or she is a good person, then that just makes them more attractive. Emotional and mental? Yeah, mostly those. I need to understand them and know them.

Honestly, not really. I could fall in love with anyone based off a simple sentence.

If they’re rude or inconsiderate. Or selfish and controlling, or too affectionate, like wayyy too affectionate.


Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental?

If u mean Physical like looks yes that matters. I am attracted to the look of someone and then the personality makes catches the “heart” ive CC love intrests the exact same(with some variation) and been attracted to some and not others why…because the personality differs from what i like. The character of a person says a lot.

Dose it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?

You want someone who is your equal. Not someone beneath u or someone above u(educational or financial).not sure if it matters to me but probably does…clothing prefrence is hard to describe but color wise i like black on a love intrest

What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?

Too much affection.
Dumb pet names/nicknames (bae/babe/baby/hun/honey…etc…)
Being a pushover/not defending me when its needed.
Being a people pleaser and jumping through hoops.

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  1. Well first of all, if the Love interst in your story will be CC I don’t think it really would matter much. If not I’d say that it still wouldn’t be a big deal if the LI has both a mental and emotional connection to the MC. Personally looks don’t really matter much although i do have preferences.
  1. Being well dressed is a turn on for me, but tbh its just clothes. As for what they do for a living that is a huge priority for me. Money and your occupation kind of go hand and hand so I guess that’s something I would consider as well

Lack of ambition, no vision or goals. Pointless conversations, lieing and being prideful

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  1. Physical? Emotional? Mental?

Well I usual prefer to have some say in the customization of the characters, so it’s somewhat physical I suppose? Like I don’t want to have to romance a LI if I don’t like how their personality OR looks are…And lets all be honest babe, all the LIs usually have shit personalities! However, looks aren’t that important if the LI is someone whose personality I like (or at least find interesting…it is a story not rl after all)

  1. Does it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?

Nah, I never cared about what they wear, or what they do or how much money they make. It’s all about how the character is written, and if there’s a clear good dynamic between the characters! SHOW me the chemistry the LI has for the MC! And please…build up! Don’t suddenly spring it on, Jesus Christ!

  1. What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?

Turns off in a potential LI:

-Pushing the romance onto the MC! So fucking annoying.

-Having the MC INSIST that they love the LI or don’t! ESPECIALLY if the MC is supposed to be a stand in for yourself…Like you want to pretend this character is me, yet you don’t let me choose how I feel about a Li? hell nah. (It’s fine in stories written about characters, but not fine if the author wants you to be the character, ya feel?)

-A LI that emotionally abuses you, and yet the author writes it off as the MC ignoring his abusiveness because she’s helplessly in love with him/her (usually it’s a dude)

-Too affectionate, too pushy, too controlling, ect! (Too much of anything pretty much)


1. Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental?
If I was to fall for someone, the first thing I tend to look to are the eyes. Eyes express a lot of things naturally, or the mannerisms of a person. If they are someone aggressive, relaxed, stiff, or free-spirited.
In this case, for me, I would say all of the above are important to me. I want to understand who I have feelings for physically and verbally. So talking helps as well. Is he kind? Is he funny? Is he smart? Is he all? I also like men who are not afraid to show their feminine side, but who are still a man and it’s clear. On the other hand, I do love blue eyes, black or white hair and plump rosebud lips for some reason. I also tend to fall over intelligent, relaxed, dominate but balanced and comical guys. So, :woman_shrugging:
So for episode, because creating characters have a limit, it’s important to think of that – the personalities any LI should have base on their background if you make a backstory for them.

2. Dose it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?
Personally, it doesn’t matter what they wear. If I understand their style of dress, I can gift them with clothes I know they would love to wear. Or if they want to change their style, I can gift them with cute rockstar clothes or nerdy vests or something. For episode, a nerd can love to dress like a biker and ride a motorcycle while the popular or bad boy dresses in vests and likes to walk. It depends on their personality, what they want to be and what they like.

When someone is providing for a house or simply working without worrying about bills, as long as they are not killing anyone for a living or coming home in disgusting crap but not washing off, whatever job they have is fine. If a person cannot stay with someone during their worst and help them, they will not stay during their lover’s best. The fact that the LI took the effort to make money, in general, is an achievement. If I know that they have the drive to become the best they can be and go for it no matter what obstacle hits, I’ll stand by them.

3. What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?
Someone who bully others, a double-standard attitude that is too overbearing, controlling, being too clingy to the point of being controlling, abusive in any form towards me and/or others, someone who is negative all the time. Seriously, I already have negative thoughts, I need someone to balance me out and help me think differently. Someone who doesn’t understand me and doesn’t try to understand me. Someone who doesn’t listen, even if I do monologues. lol! Someone who is competitive, the type of guy who sees his friend doing something for his gf and then try to mimic that better than his friend towards me. Someone who cheats. A person easy to manipulate, seduce and/or walk all over. A liar and a person who evilly, charismatically flatters others to get ahead/ a person who walks over others to get what they want no matter the cost like if it cause someone to lose their job or die. A man with no morals, no mercy, or no sympathy. A man who can’t word things well, as an a guy who is so honest that their a butthole and mean about it. I mean come on! I’m blunt and honest but at least I know not to call someone stupid or whatever when I am. I like men who understands that people are people, not men who are ashamed every time they do something human like fart or burp. I don’t like it when the LI shame others for that either. So childish. Basically, all the things that people as a whole do not like or tolerate when interacting with others, especially when that other is supposed to be the significant other.

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According to episode story:

All three are important. Now some might say, looks aren’t! But yes, this is real world. Let’s face it. Looks are important. Maybe not that much, but they are.

As for emotional, I find it attractive in LI when he cares for MC a lot. Not just cares like he cares for everyone but actually cares. When he trusts her. Nothing annoys me more than when MC is pleading him ‘Trust me, I didn’t have a choice… Or something’ and LI doesn’t listen!

What they wear? A little, I’d say. But very very little. What they do? Unless they are doing something wrong, nope. How much money they make? Well, that just depends on a story.

When he doesn’t trust his girlfriend. When he cheats on his girlfriend with MC and somehow, it’s alright! When he does something to hurt the MC. Or someone else.

That’s it for me. As for real life, can’t say lmao. I am still 15. How am I supposed to know just yet? :laughing:

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For me,

  1. All three are important. But to the very is mental. Once a person is mentally strong and well wit, all other comes in the way.
  2. What they wear? Sometimes it makes sense, but we don’t know who would be who.
  3. the who carries a big weight called ‘ego’, that’s a big no no. And the persons who cheats, duh! You know what that means!
    These all means both in the book and in real life. :heart:
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  • Is it all about the physical? emotional? or mental?
    It’s a combination of everything for me. I mean, I have to find him attractive to me, even if he isn’t considered attractive to the majority. Emotional and mental connection is key. Intelligent guys are attractive to me, eloquence and good spelling as well, but I don’t like guys who talk in code/circles all the time. I mean, he should be able to explain abstract concepts in simple terms as well.

  • Does it matter what they wear? What they do for a living? How much money they make?
    It doesn’t really matter what they wear, unless it’s a shirt with an offensive logo or sign, then yes. Since I’m an adult, I’d definitely prefer a guy who has a stable job and makes enough money to support a family.

  • What turns you off of a love interest/ what don’t you like in a person?
    -Guys that don’t share my values
    -Guys who are always trying to show off and act like they’re superior to everyone… you can’t even express an opinion without them cutting you down
    -Cheaters, liars, involved in illegal activities… a big NO from me
    -Since I don’t smoke or drink, I’d prefer someone who doesn’t do either of those things.
    -Bad manners