What's everyone making at the moment?

Welcome to Episode

I’m not a fan of drag racing but it sound like you have been inspired so nice one :smiley:
I’m currently writing a story called Unfolded with a scar, it’s a mystery story about a high profile fashion designer who goes missing but a scar reveals she is not who she is claiming to be.

I’m currently working on chapter 12 of my story Forbidden Love. I also have an idea for a new story and I can’t wait to write it out!
Btw, I love RuPaul’s Drag Race :heart_eyes: I’m really curious for your story!

I’m working on 3 different stories simultaneously because I have no idea which to release first. Then, I get writer’s block on one and go to another. :pleading_face:

I’m currently writing two story’s. One has four episodes out now, its called into the light. The second story I’m still working on its called After Dusk.

Yeah I kind of wanted to do it after I found out that one of my ancestors was actually a pirate, and it really sparked my interest after that

I’ve been in limbo since mobile creation went. So nothing from me. Several unfinished stories

same to be honest, i’m still new but it’s a pain getting access to a computer and i just wanna get on with it

I’ve started an entry for the Squad contest, I only plan on it being a max of 5 chapters. It’s called Squad: Back to Kansas and is about a group of 5 friends in their early 30s, who on a particular day every year, no matter where they are, unite back in their Kansas hometown and tell stories about their friend who died when they were 18. However, I’m not sure whether to make each chapter a different year and a different story, or to have the 5 chapters be a continuous story, with flashbacks not only to the past but back to the present as the 5 friends finally talk, openly about that last week leading up to their friends’ death.


I’m working on a Squad contest entry called ‘The Write Team’. It’s about five women of different ages, social classes, and ethnicities who are chosen to write original stories on a storytelling app that’s losing its popularity because of the low-quality stories that their current writers are publishing. The story follows the lives of each of the women as they begin forming a bond.