What's going on with CC lately?

Is it just a weird coincidence and I happen to be picking LL stories with super old CC? It seems like the last 5 stories I’ve tried to start reading have recent updates, but are using CC templates from when LL first came out. The characters that I’m customizing have more updated features than the template has. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of throwing me off that it’s happening so much lately.

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The stories your reading are probably from circa 2018 or 2019, and you must understand that by then the customization templates didn’t have all the features of which you would find nowadays. Or it could be, that the author has used a template readily available in the portal, and I must warn that those templates aren’t updated and as always I personally recommend using the most updated templates, and you can find those at Dara Amarie’s website. But anyway, if you have questions about customization, then I’ll gladly answer them.

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Well, for example, one story I started was last updated in June and only had 8 episodes, so I assume it’s a pretty recent story (plus I’ve read some new stories with 3 episodes but I can’t find them atm). The main character has deep sunken eyes and slicked back side shaved tousled hair as a default, but the CC template is the really old one where the skin color is broken down by lighter, medium, darker shades and the newest hairstyle is the medium taper wavy one. There are also only two tabs for eye choices. I’m wondering if a lot of authors are switching back to the older template or if I just happen to be picking stories where the authors are choosing to use the old templates. Does that make sense? Is it a trend or just my luck?

There is no such trend, these authors are either using old templates or decided to publish stories that were written by them long ago, so they didn’t care to go back and update their templates

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Thank you. I seem to be picking a bunch of them lately. I’m still kind of getting over covid so I have a looooot of time on my hands and have been reading a crap ton of stories. It just so happens that a number of recent ones have the super old template. It wouldn’t normally be that big of a deal except I’m sick and cranky and it makes me want to nope out of what could possibly be an otherwise good story.