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Hey I need a gang warehouse background if you have any xx

How’s this?:grimacing:

Amazing thank you xx

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Hi do you have any shop backgrounds that are empty please

i only got this :sweat_smile:

or this, if you want an empty one :thinking:

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do you have heart overlays? like when you play a game you have lifes? I would like to have 2 of them ,the first heart needs to be different from the sencond one . to explain it better I guess you need to picture in a video game where you have lives if you lose a life the heart becomes empty.

If you can help me with this that would eb amazing!

Thankyou can I use the empty one please

thankyou for that I’ll credit u

Like this?
image image image

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No problem, you can just credit - @Captain_vanilla

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yes thank you so much!!!

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Hi I desperately need background which will be inside of a cave. There should be native Indian paintings and dreamcatcher atc…the scene is about that you enter this cave with a shaman who is making traditional Indian ritual with MC …

Or if not cave I might go with the inside of a teepee again with some native American Indian decorations on the teepee wall.

Preferably background where I do see the ground …to put fire overlay there, but more important are the native decorations on the walls behind the characters.

I work in limelight with realistic render backgrounds or photographies - so I need similar quality. :confused:

It’s will be really hard to find background like that…
I could bring you an empty cave background and some Indian drawings…?

do you have any gang hideouts ? <3

I already have cave background - but without decorations and it looks to me bit plain

I would like to make it more “sacred place” looking

And I also have this if you’d like…

might actually work.:slight_smile:

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Like those?
image image

Or more like an apartment?

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those too but something more like an apartment :))