What's Happening!?!


I’m really worried and upset about what’s just happened to my story! I really need help! Please tell me what to do if you can!

So here’s what’s happened…
I’m writing a story on Episode - My first story - and I’m really quite proud of it. The problem is that when I click the name of the story it comes up with the things it would ask me if I was just starting a story! I REALLY don’t want to start the story again, that would be annoying and I would get bored. Where is everything I wrote before!!!? Please don’t ask me if I saved it before 'cause I’m pretty sure I did!

With that being said, please tell me what to do if you can!

My stories aren't showing up..?
Help! New writers portal update

Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :smile:


Are there any other ways???


Unfortunately we are not equipt to troubleshoot this sort of issue on the forums. Luckily our support team is. Thanks!


No other way!?? Okay then…


Mine is doing the same thing. I just sent in a ticket to get me Episode app fixed, and now this. I haven’t sent in a ticket for my computer. I’m already having withdrawals lol


This SHOULD NOT be able to happen on Episode!!! I wish someone could fix it…!


did you solve your problem? it happened to me too. idk what i’m gonna do.


I can’t Work with the writers portal anymore. Since the last Update I can’t go to the characters or the episodes I already wrote. I can’t do anything anymore😡. There is only this:

Please help me!!


I am having the same problem…
My stories aren’t appearing…
I asked and @Jeremy said that you should submit a ticket to the episode team…


Ok thanks


I don’t know what is happening I just went to write my story but none of my stories are showing up what do I do now…
I don’t understand??? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hi S.Dsana! I would highly recommend reaching out to our support team who can help you with this. Thanks!


I will try that…


How would I know that the request is submitted??


You fill out the form here and the team will reply to you in the ticket. Once they reply you will receive an email with the notification. :nerd_face:


I’ll will receive an email…
Thanks for telling me…


Hi all! I just wanted to provide an update and let you know that the team has checked to make sure that your stories are still available, and they are. So no worries. In the meantime, please make sure to check your submitted tickets for updates. :smiley:


Oh… I have found a way to continue to write my story…
But I’m afraid would that be vanished when that bug would be fixed…


A little birdy told me that it looks like the people reporting the issues are not using Google Chrome. Can you give Chrome a try and let me know the outcome?