💖 ~ What's In A Username? ~



Every name has a reason or story behind it. So does a Username!

Here, you tell us what’s the reason or story behind your current Username. Or if you had a previous Username but changed it, you can tell the story behind the previous one(s) too!
And, you can also tell about the usernames you are gonna or wanting to change to next!

I’ll start first, just to give a demo -

I chose this Username because my birthdate is 7th and the initials of my full name are A and S. It also helps me stay kinda anonymous :eyes:

Hidden meaning behind ur user


I chose mine because my best friend who passed away called me Chay!!! And it makes me feel close to her in a way!!! :grin:


I just love Faze clan lol


I chose mine cuz…

I just feel like it





I thought you were gonna put that silver star icon again…



~ Copied over from another thread (T or D)




I used to love Clup Penguin, period.


I read this before… lol
At the T or D


I choose it because of a quote in my favourite TV show Sense8; “Love, like art, must always be free.” It’s an amazing show which includes all types of representation, I definitely recommend it!


My first name and my second name merged together, just without the double R


So your first name is Ambe?


No, it’s Amber. I took out the second R when I merged the two names together.


16 is my birthday. Cats are my favourite animal and who doesn’t love an angel? :innocent:



I chose my username as this because the initials of my first name and last name are 'S’ and ‘D’.
and for the ‘sana’ part my name actually matches it so much and I kinda just didn’t wanted to put my username as S.D so thought why not…:grin::joy::joy::joy:



Liv is my short name/ nickname I like being called
I LOVE to dance (I love it so much that I even have 2 state titles in Australia for jazz)
And 7 is my favourite number


Is it bad that I always thought your name was a typo? I always thought it was supposed to be LiveLoveDance but you just forgot the “e” :rofl:



Made-up reason I just thought of

So in my school this dude thinks I’m a drama queen, then my best friends dog died and her name was Queenie.

Actual reason


P.S The dude in my class does think I’m a drama queen and my best friends dead dog was called Queenie but it wasn’t the reason I made my username.


I use to be an avid member on Enjin, a minecraft forum site. I was quite popular (let’s be real, I had easily the most amount of friends.) Well, on that sight I was called ‘superpallyon’. Well, on Enjin, your friends are listed on a 7x2 list, and starred friends show up first. So their was these accounts that would go BELOW IS GAY (don’t flip out, it’s a joke) or ABOVE IS FAT or LEFT IS TRUMP or DIAGONAL IS BAE. Well, I wanted to make some for my account, so I made easily 15+ emails between Google & Yahoo (google blocked me from making accounts)

One of those emails is called FallenAngleNight13 (ANGLE DAMN MY LAZY SPELLING). I noticed this later.

Now timeskip to Episode

I always use the name @superpallyon for all my accounts. BUT NOOOO Episode was like No Confirmation Email . . . okay, so I went with @FallenAngelNight13 .

Now for @LeeFunkEpisode, it’s funny really. I wanted a author name. SO I was like, let’s use google. I searched up gender neutral names. Lee Awesome. Then I saw the word Funk and I was like, someone is going to read that so fast and be like wait what? A SWEAR WORD? BOOM plus it’s hecka catchy. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FUnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk