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because I like to draw with ink and my favourite episode style is ink
and I’m still a toddler/baby mentally (and I know baby is spelt wrong lol)


Stxphanix - I decided to use my first name then add x’s onto the e’s because why not?
dqrkskinqueen - i saw some username named dqrkmoon and i changed moon to skin and added queen cause im a queen
dqrkskin - i decided to shorten it for fun but im still a queen

my first username i made when i was nine:
simmerlife10629 - basically at the time i loved the sims for some reason and added ‘mer’ at the end or took it from a youtube. i added life because it was my life at the time, i slept, ate, and breathed sims. i added the numbers because my best friend at the time used those numbers all the time and it stuck

my club penguin username:
havefun375 - i liked having fun and it kinda lead to the username letmefun10629


The last and the second last usernames are dope :ok_hand:


There is no story. I. just needed a username and this popped up into my head. Anyone can make one up for me though!


Wait… YOU are Lee funk? I love your stories! :smile:


My username is Roleplay.lk because my last initials are lk, and because I like to roleplay.


One of my friends told me that I looked like my name could be Raven, even though it’s not. I loved the surname Dawson after watching Titanic.


Jenna is my nickname. 1012 represents 10 when my dad left a mark and 12 when I attempted suicide but had to be hospitalized.



I :heart::heart::heart: Pokémon so that gave me the base for the name but there are hundreds of pokemon lovers out there, how are you different?

Well my initial of both my surname and my first name is K so I put that in there and I’m born on the 18th


god, what a deep meaning, i wasn’t expecting that. i know i’m just a stranger but please don’t attempt suicide again you’re important in ways too many people don’t realise <3


i wont i hope atleast for now and thanks


Well, here’s some reasons…

Current Name

Addie is a common nickname for me and an “Ahoge” is what you call that one strand of hair that sticks out of an anime character’s hair. Yes, I love anime.

Old Acc. Name

My account used to be AddiePancakes but it’s kinda dead. I gave the reason for Addie on the previous one, and Pancakes simply because…

When i was young i LOVED Roblox (still kinda do) and when i was making a new account i was thinking of a name. I came up with “ChocoPancakes” but when that didn’t work (name taken) I was suggested to put “Godly” in front. Then i derived the rest of my social media accounts from “Pancakes” and the other words in it (GodlyPancakes, GodlyChoco, ChocoPancakes, etc.).


Well I’m changing it to @leslie.giselle bc Leslie is my first name and Giselle is my middle name


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I wanna change my username to Rap Snack Queen mainly because my username now is kinda like inappropriate in a way so I’m like welp maybe I can?


Poll it on, girlie, lol…


:joy: maybe I should



So… My username is a pseudonym. It’s taken from parts of my real first and middle names. I made this back when the old forums were a thing, and unfortunately I made this account… I was in a hurry And didn’t do anything fun with my username. When I first logged on, I couldn’t reply to anything. It would say I didn’t have the permissions yet. Ugh. so I never used the old forums, but one day I really needed them, so I logged back on, I was so surprised to find the new forums! Now, I come on almost every day. Btw if anyne can guess the 721 PM me and you win… nothing!


I changed mine like a month ago or two from @leslie1230

My name is Leslie Giselle and the period separates both of them so they won’t look lesliegiselle and no :woman_facepalming: I didn’t use the name bc it rhymes