💖 ~ What's In A Username? ~



Since you’re here, happy bday! I’ve seen you around before, f so I don’t know you very well, but you’ve got the little cake! :smile:


Aww thanks :blush::smile:



My first name is Charity and 1226 translates into my birth month and birthday (December 26). I chose this as my username as it is easy for me to remember. And I’m not really that creative when it comes to making usernames haha.


Well ok… crazy story

My name is Adam… right?

And epy = episode




I would’ve never guessed! :scream:




bumpity bump




bump rocky bump




Bump bump da bump bump


Hoooggaaabumpaaaroopaaa! LOL…




Lmao :smirk:


Welllllll idk I know I said I want this nickname to last forever but see here’s the thingggggg…I’ve fallen in love with these chips called rap snacks. The best chips I’ve ever had they opened my eyes to the world. So I was thinking of changing my name to Rap Snack Queen because A.) I love my rap snacks more then any and everyone and B.) I’m a frickin queen lolz. I will always be Chocolate Mama but I’m also Rap Snack Queen dvdsbsksvdkzsvsv idk so many nicknames and possible usernames! :sob:

I also forgot to mention that I say I like chocolatey dudes alotttt at school which also went in hand with chocolate mama. So when I say:” oh he’s chocolatey :wink:” my friends would laugh and be like “welp that’s chocolate mama being chocolate mama.” And bam there that half is I forgot. But yeah I’m always saying chocolatey and I’m like a mama but I also love rap snacks and a Queen :sob: so many choices!

Or I could be Rap_Snack_Mama :thinking:


How about Chocolatey_Rap_Snack_Queen? :thinking: (I personally kinda prefer your current username cuz its original, but whatever floats your boat :sweat_smile:)


I like that but I also know what you mean my current one is so…me ya know


Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy.
So… HimawariRiieme, how did I get this name…? One word: Hetalia.

Okay, so back in the old days that actually aren’t that old because I’m a youngster so to speak, I used to RP on Warrior Cat sites. My second RP site I called myself Snowy or something simple. Apparently it sounded too “similar” to another username which I find throughly stupid since they weren’t so similar that I should have had to change it + that user wasn’t even active, but at the time I was too timid to raise a fuss. So I changed my name to something like Jay On A Something Something I don’t even remember. It was similar to how the Rushing Water Tribe named their cats coincidentally. And thus started this naming pattern.

Come a year or so later, I’m on a new site choosing a new name. Actually, I go with something else at first, and it was seasonal themed. So comes winter and at this point I’ve become entrenched with Hetalia. So what do I name myself? Sunflower Upon a Hill. I reaaaally wanted to use a profile picture of chibi!Russia (from Hetalia) so that’s what happened. I used the picture and my name to justify it XD.

So… how is this related to HimawariRiieme…? Well… long story short, Sunflower pretty much became my set and stone alias (finally). However… eventually I became weary of it. It had too much history that I lowkey wanted to forget. So, I changed my name. Obviously, I couldn’t let go of it because anyone who knows Japanese knows that Himawari means “sunflower.”

As for the Riieme part, that was random since Himawari was already taken on most platforms.



I wanted a unique name, plus there’s a character by a 3D designer called Calne Ca/Calcium.


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