💖 What's In A Username?





Ssshhhh :shushing_face:




1.My name is Emily
2. I am a witch, a good one


It’s actually a name I made XD


While I was changing, I saw a clear tape and I thought the brand name was ‘Aohebe’ or something like that. Then I went closer and found out it was ‘Adhere’ XD


S is for Sapphirna :sweat_smile:


Well I have two stories so I’ll just post both of them here.

The easy story

I like slushies.

The real story

I like the songs from the Heathers musical, and the song ‘Freeze Your Brain’ somehow struck a chord in me. I thought getting a brainfreeze from drinking too many slushies will distract me from my life, so I aimed to drink as many slushies within reason in the hopes of getting a brainfreeze. As of today, I still haven’t experienced a brainfreeze.


My username comes from my actual name,

My name is Esmeralda, but people usually call me ‘Es’ for short, and changing the S into Z’s just looked cooler and i’m lame like that.

Also my username everywhere used to be ‘Ezzminator’.
because, years ago… in school we were playing rugby once and I owned everyone and this friend of mine combined my name, Esmeralda + Terminator = Ezzminator
(and i thought that sounded so badass so i started using it)


Lookout below! There's like, two whole paragraphs ahead...

A couple of years ago, around when I was ten or so, while watching My Little Pony don’t judge me cause mlp was my fave I started thinking about how Twilight Sparkle’s name sounded kinda nice. So, I came up with Twilla tw-eye-la, not tw-ee-la, obvi. (which is an actual name so I thought why not?), and I eventually took a liking to this name and made it my nickname/username on almost everything. I also like the name Twilla, mainly because it reminds me of stars, which I’ve always loved! Originally, my username on here last year when I first joined was twilla.b (I think), which is basically Twilla Blue, my full nickname (and also my name on the Episode app, Twilla B.) blue isn’t necessarily my favorite color, it’s actually pink, but because the sky is blue at night (and morning but nevermind that), I chose blue.

And now for the “hey” in my username, there’s really nothing to this. But, I think one night I was watching Hey Arnold and I thought it would be great to put hey in my username? Idek.


Well at first my username use to be JesusLover2.0 and I highly enjoyed it. But later on at school I was talking to some friends and they referred to me as chocolate. I was like yeah I am chocolatey hahaha yadada then that stuck on. Then later on I was with my mom looking at old baby pictures, and she said our whole family use to call me mama because I was somewhat bossy :joy:. So I thought for a moment and decided to put those two together. I went to my best friend and laughed, saying my new nickname was Chocolate Mama. She laughed with me for a while then we started telling people. Soon it spread through the whole school, and I was known as chocolate mama. So I came on here, and decided that I wanted to live this nickname on for ever. So I changed it to Chocolate Mama. Hahaha that’s about it.


That’s so amazing. I like it…


Hahaha thanks.





LOL, I’m kidding. My real name is MANIK, that’s why. You can call me M too, if you think that you’re pronouncing Manik wrong (pronunciation: muh-nik).


Well, ya know that thing for the password that says ‘no spaces’ and make it long or something?
I went the complete opposite :joy:


My real name’s Tiffany, but people always called me as –

  • Tiff
  • Tiffin
  • If Any
  • Fan
  • Tee
  • Iffy

…And I thought, “Meh, the last one is somewhat Okie Dokie. I choose that…” And here we are! :revolving_hearts:


I was trying to be inspirational. :joy:


my initials are EM, this is for episode and that’s how my username came about



I chose this username because my name is Georgia so people call me Geo for short/nickname.
And I’m a new author on episode so that’s the point in the writes part.



Because that’s my name! I don’t usually use my first name in anything because I’m a paranoid ass but I was lazy and so I just used my name :woman_shrugging:



I chose this name because I love the bright blue sky and Skyye is kind of a little bit similar to my real name. Some also calls me Kye in short (real life)