What's new on episode?

Hi :smiley:
I didn’t use episode in a while (like since last sumer)
What’s new?
I’d like to start using both the writing portal and the app again (

so you’re welcome to promote your story, if you want, just don’t let this become just about promoting


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First of all, welcome back!!! :star2:

I’d say the bigger news is that we finally have plus size female characters :sparkling_heart:

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a few very loved helpful people have been ban. … because of no reason, at least not a good one

and that the roleplay community is now dead. or against the rules

about rules. there is a lot of new rules about what can and can not be on a cover. no naked people no children and no guns, and some other stuff I dont care about

also the Magicka contest is happening right now

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