"What's On Your Mind" THREAD


In this thread, you can express what is currently on your mind. If you are angry and feel like you can’t vent to someone, this thread is for you.
If you are happy and want to explain why, this thread is for you.
You pretty much express your emotions/ your mind thoughts on this thread. I’ll start first.


Here’s what’s on my mind, I’ve came across plenty of non-poc’s telling POC’s how they should feel about non-diversity stories and it just irks me.


Another thing on my mind is FOOD :smiley:


I’m thinking about turning 18 - and like frick - I’m way to anxious to be happy. Oh well.


Im hungry LMAO! :grin::dizzy_face: :pizza::hamburger::fries:


Omg i turn 18 in 2 weeks and im so nervous. I need to get my state ID omg


lol, im currently eating a burger xD


braaaaa we prob have the same bd then


whens your bday? :open_mouth:


the 11th x-x


Awww I’m jealous


nope, you’re older than me by 3 days. im april 14th :frowning:


This thread is still triggering me:


facts facts facts ! :roll_eyes::100:


Like it has me soooooooo mad


I’m currently wondering what people are doing to stop the cliché stories. We constantly complain but what are we doing to fix it? Or even bring diversity. We can’t depend on episode to do everything for us. It’s our job as authors to contribute to the platform as well.




Well, currently, I’m thinking how the hell do I make…

a fan or half circle hair bun on myself
a sponge cake with buttercream frosting

I’m pretty much obsessing on making both of those. They seem pretty random, but yep. Those are pretty much my life goals right now.


I know. The fact that this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened.
It’s a serious issue and I’m surprised that episode creators haven’t spoke on it because I tagged them and episode on my insta post explaining the situation. :upside_down_face:


that’s interesting haha :joy::rofl: