Whats on your mind?

What’s on your mind? Anything you want to talk about? Anything concerning you? Anything you’re wondering?


Probably my self esteem :woman_shrugging:t3:



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Cue dramatic music.

dramatic music plays

Cue dramatic smoke machine

smoke machine activates

Cue dramatic lighting

dramatic lighting switches on

Everything, my friend, everything. But now is not the time to be depressing, so I have some deep questions for you.

  • Do you ever kill a bug and think that, it had a family? A mother and a father, waiting for it back at its home? A mother that’s waiting for it to come home, and a father that’s buzzing/crawling around at work, looking forwards to seeing it?

  • Paradise is the idea of having anything physical we want. But then, we don’t have any goals, nor motives. You never work for anything. You’d just laze around and click your fingers to get anything you want. Do you really want to become like that? You can’t ‘get’ self-love. So, does paradise truly exist?

  • Do you ever just come to a realisation? Like… the realisation?




Things happening with the guy I’m talking to. Am I being overly dramatic or is this a sign to bounce from him?! :sob::broken_heart:

When I saw this thread all I thought was. Coffee. That is on my mind now.

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Probably all the stressful stuff in my life, my famly issues, dog issues, school work, birthday parties, sports.

I get you! Just remember that you no one is perfect!

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When the mods will realize this is my 3rd account with VPN …


@Clevertimes same

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I’m hungry.:joy::woman_shrugging:

Omg same lmfao. And chocolate!:joy:

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Yasssss. Why is food so beautiful? :weary: :thinking:


I am just loving these reply’s man

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I think I should straighten my hair out again. Or maybe make it curlier. I think I should re dye it…maybe. I think I’m sick of the half and half. Or maybe I should wash it out again. I want to write in my story. Oh! But I have another new idea! I know what I want this one to be about. Should I make it a little more cliche? Sacrifice values to get reads like a sell out bitch? …probably won’t be able to, honestly, but I could try. I wanna do my hair pink again, but I can’t bleach it again for another month, probably. I should stop bleaching my hair so much. It’s strong and thick and stuff, but not 8-times bleach in 2 months strong…>.> I have two things of coconut oil, I should be fine. I think I should make a green fairy. ~The hills are aliiiiive~ with the sound of muuuuuuuusiiiiiic~ Yeah, green fairy’s good.

^ Basically how my mind works.

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Hahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahah I see you’re not banned anymore? Also, have you considered rainbow roots as a new style?

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Rainbow roots? No freaking’ way. Rainbow is artistic suicide. I have class.

Lol I’m also not…ya know. I’ll DM you this part.

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Ok and I’ll dm you a video of rainbow roots cause it is different to just rainbow :joy:

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