What's one (or more) common things that your parents say to you that irritate the absolute crap out of you?

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There are some things that my mom says to me that really irritate me, like:


"Go to bed, you’re ruining my time."

How, when I’m not even in your room being loud? I understand this is my time to go to bed, but what does “your time” have to do with that?

"You have so much stuff, do you know how many other people would want that?"

Yes, but I never brought up other people’s wants. And why do you always say that everytime I complain I have too much stuff? Can there ever be such a thing where you respond to where I say I have too much stuff? Like, “let’s give it to your friends” or something. I didn’t complain about not having enough stuff.

"Why are you so quiet? Are you hiding something?" and/or "What are you doing? You’re a little quiet back there."

You know just how quiet I can be when I’m alone. Why do you have to ask such a stupid question? Is it so bad that I’m not saying 1 thing for 3 hours? It’s not like I’m watching something nasty (like I used to as a kid, I’m guilty for that) p*rn (which I NEVER did, btw). I swear, it’s like you’re trying to find a reason to be mad at me. [Maybe that’s exactly what it is]

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of the way. Feel free to share irritating things your parents say to you!

And P.S., sorry for not being on the forums as much, I had nothing to talk about and I couldn’t find many interesting new topics (no offense to anyone).


Idk about you but sometimes when I text my mum a shit ton of things, her only reply is “ok”. Yeah kind of ticks me tbh.


(Sorry for not responding) Yeah I agree. I also hate when I want to wear something nice, she asks if I’m trying yo impress someone. I don’t even have to go into detail to explain that, it’s just irritating on its own.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but she’s really confusing sometimes.


Dang, I really felt those all on a personal level.

"If you’re cold, go put on a sweatshirt."
If your child is freezing, go turn on the heater. :expressionless:

"Why are you always on your phone?"
I literally don’t even know what to say to combat this one other than like… I go to school for 7.5 hours and only get 3 hours a day to really do anything recreational so OF COURSE you think the only thing I do is go on my phone.

"You’re in such a better mood without your phone."
Bruh, the only reason I’m acting good is so you’ll unground me and give me back my phone. :joy:

"[Insert nice kid’s name] is so [unnecessary compliment I’ve never been given]!!"
That’s nice. Sorry to disappoint you, Mother. Now, let me eat my chicken nuggets in peace while I cry about the amount of homework I have.

"I was such a good kid when I was your age."
I don’t even know why my parents say this. I’m actually a pretty well behaved kid. :joy: Probably the most annoying thing I do is sit in my room all day… Which isn’t all that annoying.

"You need to answer the phone when I call you!"
I had some creepy guy following me in the store and I called you. You didn’t pick up, Mom. LMAO. Most of the time you call and it’s an “emergency” it’s because you’re at the store and don’t know how much more milk we have.

I can’t think of anymore because… Well, I’m emotionally and physically exhausted and want to sleep and dream of some Episode story I read today that was super creative.

:crescent_moon: Goodnight,
Lynne Harper


I’ve grown up with narcissistic abusive parents, so pretty much everything they say is despicable. I’m studying social work to hopefully help others like me. If you need to talk about anything, I’m happy to help and support anyone here who is suffering at the hands of their parents. Sending love x


My mum: It’s cold outside put on a jumper
Me: But it doesn’t look cold
My mum: Just put one on
Me: ok
I go outside- boiling hot :hot_face:
Same when it’s freezing cold
My mum: wear shorts and a T-shirt.
Me: alright.
I head to school or wherever I’m going-I’ve turned into a freaking block of ice
Then she goes: you get it from your dad. He was born in a tent
(He barely ever gets cold. she says it when I say I’m not cold once I’ve turned into a block of ice lmao)
She tells me to put shorts on, I tell her I’m cold, and she gets angry at me!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
My dad: you know when I was your age we didn’t have things like iPads.
Me in my brain: New generation. It ain’t the 90’s. Like seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can relate to some of those.

Anyways for me it would be

Me: Mom I want to be an actor
Mom: You can’t do that, it isn’t godly.
Why don’t you become a doctor, you’ll earn more money.
Me: I don’t want to be miserable all my life, I want to do something I love to do, I could care less about the money.
Mom: you won’t make making much of a living then.

Next topic
Mom: Honey, why haven’t you look for a wife yet?
Those beautiful girls from Mr. Blake look lovely, how about a set a marriage meeting for you?
Me: No thanks, I’m not interested in being in a relationship with anyone.
Mom: You better not be Gay!
Do people are disgusting.
Me: [Broken into pieces by what she said]…lies of course not mother.
Mom: if you end up being gay you’ll be a disgrace to our family!
Me: I’m not, don’t worry (crys from the inside)

Next topic: Why can’t you be a better person.
Look at your cousins they are your age and already have a house and a car, they live wonderful.
Me: stop comparing me to them, that’s them not me.
Mom: You should do better then.

Next topic

Me: Hey, mom I finished cleaning the living room and kitchen. Also I washed the dishes and mop the floors
Mom: Good, you shouldn’t be letting me do all the work
Me: You could have said “thank you”
Mom: That’s your job to help me out
Me:walks away


Oh I feel so terribly sorry for you

You should be able to live a life you wanna live. And just because your cousins own a car and a house that doesn’t mean they are better than you!
I think you will have a wonderful future. And being compared to someone else is wrong. Just wrong.

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Don’t be haha but yeah, very confusing. A trait all mothers have apparently. I stay at home a lot and my mum tells me I should go out and meet friends and when I do, she’s like I need to stay at home more and be with the family. Extremely confusing.


There is only one thing I can say that absolutely makes the hair stand on my head. When my Dad walks into my room and says “Real Quickly” before he starts talking. Because that means he is going to talk to me monologue style for like 4 hours without taking a break… right in the middle of the fact that I am already doing something. So I literally have to put everything down and listen to what he has to say.

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Lol, sounds like school😄

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I swear this happens to me 2-3 times a day. And the funny thing about it, is I find myself thinking “I can’t wait for Dad to get tired of talking , so that he can go and take a nap”… He legit talks until he gets tired , and then goes off back to bed and starts snoring. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
It would be hilarious if I didn’t have to suffer alone in this. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s legit school in super slow motion. :rofl:


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How ironic!:joy:

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im like coughting and im bit sick and she texted my sister to give me MUSTARD to eat to se if i have corona like do i taste or smell it like she could have given me a sandwitch i mean i like mustard but not alone

Weird. When I suddenly lost my taste and smell, I tasted a little bit of salt to see if I completely lost it, but it turns out I didn’t lose it completely. But ever since that day, I have never been able to taste food the same way-- at least I still CAN taste, though

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Here’s some more I thought of.

"You need to stop eating junk food."
Then stop buying it. :joy:

"Don’t use that tone of voice!"
Alright, I’ll admit sometimes I can just be extremely rude to my parents but like… This just seems like an excuse to deflect any feasible argument I have.

"Wait till you get into the real world."
I honestly can’t wait. I have strict parents, so when they try to pull this entire “the real world” crap it’s sooo annoying. They literally put so many restrictions on what I do that I have no concept of what having choices is… Unless I go out of my way to disobey them. Tee-hee.
Plus, is the world currently not real?

"I don’t care what [younger sibling’s name] did! You’re older than them!" (Older Sibling Problem)
K, first off… That current monstrosity was punching me. All I did was tell them to stop and held their hands away from me. I didn’t do anything immature. Maybe teach your kid not to hit me. If they know they can get away from it, they’re gonna keep doing it. :woman_facepalming:

"I was 17 (my current age) once, too."
(1) The world is 20x different than it was 10-20 some years ago.
(2) Even if you did understand what I was going through, you refuse to act like it. And parents wonder why we never tell them anything. They pull this “I understand” crap when really the last thing I need is to get scolded for problems I’m already scolding myself over.

"No texting at the dinner table."
Okay, this one I understand to an extent. The reason I get POed is because my parents are always on their phones at the dinner table. I know they both aren’t getting any important emails or anything etiher because of their job dynamics. If it was a family rule that applied to everyone, I’d understand since dinner would be a family time. But, like… It isn’t. So…

"I don’t care if all your friends are going."
Okay, I understand if my parents don’t want me going somewhere, but can’t they just say that rather than pull this “because I said so” or this “I don’t care” crap? Like, tell me if you have a problem with someone that’s gonna be at said-place.

"Because I said so."
You want me to be a mature adult that can THINK for myself, but you aren’t giving me any FREAKING reasons to understand anything.
Like, it feels like my parents are just throwing a tantrum everytime they say this one. Just give me a reason so I can tell my friends why I can’t go (rather than flame you over text) or just… I don’t know. Be the mature one in this situation?
Plus, you’re just creating kids that are only good for listening instructions and can’t think for themselves because they have no idea why they’re doing anything other that you said so.

"When you have kids you’ll understand."
I’m rolling my eyes right now, you just don’t see it. I’m sure parent’s difficult, but like… All the things I’ve listed above just take a listening ear and a bit of empathy.

"Since your grades are bad, I’m going to take away your phone (which is your only way to talk to people about your problems, find outlets, listen to music, stay sane, and get help on HOMEWORK)."
That’s all I have to say.


The junk food one- I can sooooo relate to that one :joy::joy::joy:
And whenever my parents say “because I said so”- uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Parent of every nationality, every race and every creed say this to their children at literally every age. It’s there go-to phrase for life!!!