What's something the LL does that turns you off?

You shall reveal thy truth

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There are a few turn offs when we’re talking about LI’s:

  • LI being toxic (like physical and/or mentally abusive toxic → bashing around to ‘protect’ MC);
  • LI being a criminal → this also has a lot to do with being toxic, but the LI shooting around and killing people is a crime. Doesn’t matter if the victim is innocent or not. Killing is a crime and beating around is also a crime.;
  • LI being a bully → it’s unrealistic to see a MC falling in love with a bully;
  • LI falling in love with MC in an instant. Give it time. The LI may doubt and may be a soft sweetheart;
  • The LI as an over-possessive a**. MC mayn’t go out without LI by his/her side.;
  • LI isn’t loyal to MC and a narcissistic womanizer/man chaser;
  • LI is against the LGBTQ+ community and/or is a racist against other cultures and religions;
  • LI has a totally easy life. He/she may struggle.

What I would like to see:

  • A nice sweet LI that means well with MC;
  • A LI that struggles with simple and complicated things in life;
  • A LI that is a damsel in distress himself/herself sometimes;
  • A LI that is totally not everything summarized above.

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I very much agree with you!

We need more sweet LI in the episode app.


When they always take their shirt off, like geez!