Whats the animation where

hi! whats the animation where umm, for example, it looks like a guy is holding the girl’s waist from behind. it’s sort of like the give_gift, but it’s just the hands w/o props. please help :sob::sob:

Probably the end of a talk animation of sort
Maybe talk_happy_hands_open ?

That’s more arm height than waist though.

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or maybe kiss_playful_rear ? :thinking:

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Thank you to the both of you! :heart:


Where is the female gasp animation I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it… :thinking::thinking:

This one? If so, it’s shocked.

(pardon the shameless plug, it was just easier to get a screenshot that way)

Yes thank you

Is the actual animation shocked or is it something else?

It’s just called shocked, yes.